Friday, April 20, 2012

one you can count on

some people aren't lucky enough
to find someone who they can confide in at all times
who they can count on for anything
who makes them laugh until they pee their pants
who will be their best friend through it all

some people are NOT that lucky.
but i am! :)
not only do i have her as a best friend
but as a cousin.
bailey is one of the best people i know.
fiercely loyal, she would do anything for anyone
but especially for me- i could count on her for anything
she tells me i am cool and helps me feel good about myself.
she is so strong- and a great example
she wouldn't hurt a fly..
{unless it was like a killer fly or one of those flies that transforms into a scorpion or
 some other type of harmful creature.}
she never takes offense and always assumes the best in others.

sometimes you find yourself in a rut
feeling sad and alone.
you may wish to yourself: i wish there was someone who cares...
well, bailey has been one of the few people
who i always knew cared.

sure we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger
we crushed on the same guy multiple times
and those guys always liked her over me.
but guess what?
i don't blame those boys one little bit.
the man who marries her will be one lucky guy
and he knows it.
she is faithfully waiting for her boyfriend daniel on his mission.
chuckle if you like...
but this is one couple who will undoubtedly avoid the destruction
that two years apart almost inevitably creates
their relationship is so beautiful and so right.
im so excited for him to come home and ask my awesome cousin to marry him.
it will just make me so happy!
anyways, i hope you get the idea.
bailey rocks.
and i am SO HAPPY and grateful to have her in my life
as my best friend and cousin.
i can't wait for the day when our kids can play together
BLISS, i tell you! :)
as you can tell, daniel and i also have a beautiful relationship

{k so yeah her birthday was yesterday but lets just pretend i don't suck for 3 seconds}

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