Tuesday, May 15, 2012

current life

hey so just chillin in africa once again.

i will just share 10 things right now that i have observed/experienced.

1. uhm, i ate a cricket. i will boast about that until the day i die because if anyone knows me they know i am close to the world's pickiest easier. uganda is changing me a bit....
2. ugandans are way way nicer than americans.
3. when i go to a village with other volunteers to help people, the little kids prepare musical numbers for us. it is so cute and makes me cry a little.
4.  i have had access to electricity in our home for a cumulative of maybe 4 hours since i've been here. the only reason i can get online is because i go to an internet cafe and pay money.
sooooo basically i am a cave woman. ya dig?
5. they struggle with the name kerri and brianne. they mostly call us 'car' and 'brenda'. its fine.
6. we have singing/dancing parties with the neighborhood children almost everyday. they love michael jackson and the Waka waka! haha. so fun and surreal!
7. i still cannot upload pictures and i am not sure i will be able to until i get back. be patient my friends.
8. i will never get tired of being called mzungu...even if every single child i ever walk buy yells it at me. i love it!
9. when we went to do a needs assessment in a nearby village, they gave each of us a bottle of water when they don't even have enough water for themselves. thats the kind of people they are. it is so humbling.
10. nobody exercises here. we are laughed at hardcore whenever any of them see us running or doing any type of exercise...they think it is so absurd! haha.

well i will keep updating this little guy. i would like to write more detail about some amazing experiences another day when i have more time.

hope america is treatin you all well.


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  2. Aww LOVE IT!!!! n' by cricket do you mean a grasshopper? If yes, whoa; way to be! To this day, I've failed to eat them. Oh btw Kerri, have you ridden a boda-boda yet? You should, they are the best thing ever LOL :)

    -Evelyn K



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