Friday, May 11, 2012


I am finally in uganda
flying here was not the greatest experience
it just seemed like one, neverending, pretty miserable day
back to back 9 hour flights
with a 9 hour layover in a foreign country
plus a 5 hour layover in an african country (sketchhhhh)
plus a 2 hour bumpy insane drive from the airport to the village i live in
yeah, i just kinda told myself jeff was hugging me and telling me he loves me the whole time
because the random people in the foreign country sure didn't!
but i am here and it is WORTH IT!
so green, so lush, so beautiful
kids playing outside laughing and dancing
running up and hugging me as i walk by and shouting
"hi muzungu" (white person)
the people here are so kind and happy!
except for people at the airport- RUDE.
but everyone kept telling me id have major culture shock
but its pretty much what i was expecting
the only think i didn't expect was to love it so much so soon!
i already feel at home
and i just love it
the girls im living with are awesome. there are like 20 of us in a small little house
9 girls sleep in my room with me
the driving here is crazy!
there are ZERO rules.
every vehicle is like 2 inches away from 4 other vehicles at any given second
no such thing as pedestrian right of way
good food! i feel so cultured!
well i am out of time....more later! and hopefully pictures too!
peace out!


  1. So good to hear you made it safely. Glad you are adjusting. We understand how hard the travelling is. Looks like we'll get to see Brendon graduate even though we can't be there. It will be on line. Pretty cool huh? I am going to enter the 2 mile walk the stake is sponsoring tomorrow. I figure I can handle that. Then we're going to a baptism & then we'll drive to Ogden & meet Grandpa's brothers for lunch. Next week we are going to do a FHE lesson for Aunt Nellie's FHE group of Empty Nesters abt our Holy Land trip & then after staying at a motel for the night (compliments of Aunt Nellie) we'll head to St George. Grand Canyon. Zion & Bryce canyons. We'll also visit family & friends, go swimming, ride bikes, play paddleball & tennis. It will be in the 90s. Yikes!. Love you, Grandma

  2. I am glad you are loving it already Kerri... I'm going to be a regular on your blog! Can't wait for pictures!
    Enjoy my home while I enjoy yours!!!

    Take care and love you loads my beautiful muzungu lol :p
    Send my love to Becca as well




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