Monday, May 7, 2012



you see that number?
i know what you are thinking-
but let me stop you right there.
it in no way is a numerical representation of my gpa.
psh. in my dreams.
had you going there for a sec didn’t i?
probably not, actually.
you all should know better than to make such preposterous assumptions.

it is ACTUALLY the level of separation my fiancé and i
are about to (reluctantly) participate in
let me elaborate.
separation 1.0 = we are in different classes on campus
separation 2.0 = we are in different states from each other
separation 3.0 = we are in different countries from each other
separation 4.0 = we are in different countries with little to NO communication possible.

in a few days i will be able to say:
been there, done ALLLL that.

one month ago, i could hardly stand separation 1.0
but I am about to endure separation 4.0 at its finest.
finest isn’t the right word though….
whatever is the antonym for finest…that’s the correct word.
6 weeks. no phone calls…maybe skype a couple times
IF the internet in the African internet café is working-
-which is all dependent on how the Nile River is behaving that day.
wow awesome.
never thought the Nile River would have any impact on my love life…
never say never?

the point I am trying to get across is this:
i am not a big fan of separation 4.0.
at all.
it’s going to be really really hard.
but nobody ever said love is easy.
life doesn’t automatically become perfect when you are in love.
but it makes the trials you experience more bearable.
because you have someone who is permanently on your team.
and that is so encouraging.
i am learning- and i am sure i will continue to learn that
love is stronger than pain.

trust me, i will still probably cry a lot
i will probably complain a lot
i will definitely struggle and miss my man like CRAZY
(and my family and friends too- no i didn't forget about you.)
but- this too shall pass.
and true love will always come out on top
{well umm at least in disney movies- good thing my life is a disney movie} 

where am I going you ask?
(yeah right everyone and their mother knows the answer to this hypothetical question)
oh no big deal, just UGANDA!
i leave…like right now!
i will document my adventures and experiences there
again, depending on how bipolar the nile river is.
so stay tuned if you feel so inclined
i know i don't seem super excited, but trust me-
 i feel very blessed to have this opportunity
and I will live it up!
i am SO GRATEFUL to everyone who donated and enabled this trip to happen.

dang, people are just so awesome sometimes!

did i mention i've never even been out of the country before?
and starting tomorrow i'll be traipsing all over this world.
like a world traipsing pro.
it'll be great.

i love you all
and especially you jeff! :)

peace out america.

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