Thursday, May 3, 2012

what love is to me

life has a funny way of teaching you lessons.
this was the first week that jeff and I were apart
the first of many of course.
and guess what happened.
oh nothing. just my worst nightmare.
jeff is a sick little duckling
like, really sick.
{i like to tell myself he is just love sick, but that would be completely false.}
more like strep throat + heat exhaustion + dehydration + possibly mono.
oh how ideal.
as miserable as he was…
he still worked all day for the past 3 days
he isn’t much of a pansy- that’s for sure.

this has taught me a little lesson on love.
not just the kind of love you hear talked about so often.
but OUR love.
love is a very ambiguous term.
I believe it is different to everyone.
for me love is…
knowing my sweetheart is sick and wanting nothing more than to take care of him.
the fact that I can’t makes me cry. and just hurt inside- a whole lot
love is….
when my ultimate driving force is his well-being and happiness
love is…
knowing that if i could, i would switch places in an instant
and be the sick one just so he wouldn’t have to be so miserable
love is….
a sneaky little air thief. making it hard for me to breath sometimes when i think about how much i care about him
love is…..
feeling sad about something and just wanting more than anything to hug him, bury my face in his hoodie and feel like he is my shelter in the midst of a blizzard
love is…..
this warm feeling I have whenever I think about spending the rest of my life with him.
love is……
absolutely everything-
completely all encompassing.
the thing that makes life worth living.
to me, love is....

love is....
a huge instigator in my latest mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey blog posts.


  1. I want to feel that someday! I'm glad to know that it actually truly exists. I was starting to lose hope... You're amazing! I hope Jeff gets better soon! Dan will take care of him... ;)

  2. bekah you will! :) I never thought i would feel it either, but it will be worth the wait! totally the best!



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