Tuesday, May 1, 2012

breaking the norm.

so i've never been a fashion blogger
just not my thing at all.
but once in awhile its good to shake things up i think.
and sometimes i am inspired to do things i have never done before-
by 4 year old boys
this little guy taught me something that i just couldn't not share with everyone
take a look for yourself 
+ red vest + church tie over a t shirt
 + black snow boots over jeans.
+ complete with a bright green kool aid mustache.

oh, he was working it.
ready to go to the park to impress all the other 4 year olds.

so i said this was a fashion post.
there is in fact something to be learned from this
so here is the advice id give after spending an afternoon with this guy:
wear what you want- and own it.
confidence is everything
if you think you can pull it off, you can
for proof of this- see above picture
he definitely pulls it off.
and if you really sell it
i might even blog about you.

ok well that is the first and last time you will ever
receive fashion advice from yours truly
so soak it in while you can
{i really just wanted an excuse to show everyone this adorable ensemble}
i  kinda hope my kids take after him :)

1 comment:

  1. I am going to sell my America outfit to you. And then you will have to blog about that winner of an outfit. I'll own it like it's nobody's buznizz.



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