Thursday, July 12, 2012

an almost pivotal moment.

so ask anyone i know how i feel about animals
and they will tell you that i am the worlds smallest fan.
kinda always have been.
but every once in awhile, i come across an animal that
is kinda sorta cute, and my stubborn hatred
for furry creatures seems to diminish for a small moment.

this happened the other day.
little chihuahua. big brown eyes.
probably 4 inches off the ground- TOPS.
he was curled up in a little ball next to my leg.
i recognized i was having one of those
aforementioned 'moments'.

i looked up at my mom and said...
"ahhh, i kinda like him."
then i took an even bigger leap of faith
and started petting his little head that fit
nicely into my palm.
we were having what seemed to be animal-human bonding moment
five strokes of serenity was followed by a sixth stroke
that resulted in a loud yap
360 degree body turn, teeth into my finger.
that stinkin dog BIT ME.
he bit me for stroking its head.
excuse me, dog.
it happened in half a second...
he was sitting there all innocently and deceivingly,
then all the sudden he snapped his body in half
in order to perfectly align my finger in between his two ridges
of devilish canines.

i pushed him off the couch and tried to take back
every good thought i had of him.
i informed my mother that i no longer liked him\
and then sat there, bewildered, and betrayed.
with a red, throbbing finger.

sooo anyways, id say in terms of animals
and my aversion to them...
back at square one.

sorry animal lovers...
i really did try.

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