Sunday, August 26, 2012


the big news is that the url for my blog
is no longer accurate.
guess we will just have to deal with that,
and let my maiden name live in infamy.
let me emphasize the maiden part
meaning, i have a brand spanking new last name.

because i am a married woman! :)
it is so fun, i absolutely LOVE married life.
right now I'm just sitting at a cute little table in our kitchen
im blogging, jeffrey is face booking.
just us, together, sitting in silent contentment.
sounds pretty lame but little moments like this
are still very exciting to me, to us.
we are still in the process of unpacking our stuff.
and even though there is nowhere near enough room in our apartment
for all our stuff, we still need more!
life is expensive, man!
but so fun when you are married :)
and my little confession for today:
i think its kinda cute to be poor and in love.

so here is a picture of us
experiencing the most surreal moment that 
is possible for a human being to experience.

yeah, so in love.

some of our favorite little ones :)
so, basically this day could not have been any better. 
i will hopefully get more pictures soon
these are just pictures from my awesome sister in law.

later, the honeymoon.
we went on a cruise to catalina island and ensenada mexico.
we had loads of fun
except for my hair went WACKO because of the humidity.
and i forgot to bring a ponytail....
wow that was misery at its finest.
but the love high we were on made me forget about it most of the time.
we milked the free room service for all it was worth, 
traipsed around some foreign places,
got rocked and occasionally dizzy from the ginormous floatation device we were living on,
went to fancy shows and dinners, 
and.......some other stuff. :)

so the honeymoon was like heaven.
and as we were walking off onto the land
i said "we are literally walking into real life right now"
we wondered what our first trial or little hardship would be together
and figured it would happen rather soon.
well, we were right...we just didn't know how soon.

we get back to our car and realize our window was accidentally rolled all the way down
for the whole 4 days
{jeff married a brilliant woman}
we looked inside the car-
it looked like a hurricane had made a special visit exclusively to the inside of our car.
there was dirt everywhere
papers, books, and everything were torn and scattered everywhere.
we expected that we were robbed...
but looked and ALL of our valuable things were still there.
what the heck?!

well, the more we looked, the more clues we got that led us to believe
that it was a raccoon with a 2 sneaky sharp paws in the honda
{ya know, like in clue? I'm funny.}
and after even more impressive detective work,
we realized it was an entire of family of raccoons
that made themselves at home in our car.
i love raccoon hair
and raccoon poop
and raccoon footprints
and raccoon pee
and nasty raccoon rabies.

i will admit i was kinda laughing...
until i saw they downed our entire bag of swedish fish
{because 3 huge bags of chips, a bag of crackers, and a box of chocolates wasn't enough}
not cool, nasty little devils. 
needless to say, jeff and i are not huge fans of raccoons anymore,
they will always have a notorious reputation in our minds.

so that was our first life experience together in real life.
fun right?


  1. You just can't make up stuff like that! I'm so glad you're happy. :) See you Saturday.

  2. Your wedding day was perfect and I'm so glad you guys had a fun honeymoon. I don't know what you're talking about--your hair is totally cute in all those pictures! And OH my gosh I can't believe those raccoons!! I laughed so hard while reading that! Have fun cleaning that out :)

  3. ahhh the stories you can tell now! Boring if nothing happens. Micah and i lost our car at Disney land, we searched for hours-it was awesome, then suddenly it was there- after looking for hours it just appeared like it was brought down from Heaven. We had walked that isle like 12 times and there it was . Crazy!



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