Tuesday, August 14, 2012

some super, insanely happy things

all bundled into ONE week!
this week has been one of the best weeks of my life. 
the first happy thing that happened is that my little brother
my best friend, my favorite person in the world (besides jeff ;)
i had these little butterflies all day that were just fluttering around
we had all been waiting for this day for so long
a year ago, when i would even think about him going on a mission
i would start bawling.
so naturally i expected to do that when he was actually opening it.
i teared up a bit but remained composed which was very surprising to me.
he got called to the New York, New York South spanish speaking mission.
da hood.
i have a good friend there right now and know a few others
who went to that mission and they all love it
i've heard it is like the melting pot of the states.
and i dont blame you if you dont believe me but i literally called it
the whole day, i knew that was the exact mission he would get called to.
i even told 2 different people...so they can vouch for me.
i guess im just like super spiritual or something...
haha or just a cosmic collision;)
anyways, we are all so PROUD and excited for him!!! :)
look at this stud.

and you probably thought that im so stupid because 
i started this post with SUCH an exciting thing
that nothing could possibly top it.
well, this is probably a tie with brendon's mission call.
but it made me a little bit more elated than excited
jeffrey is finally HERE!
our 103 day separation has come to an end.
i can't even remember how many times i felt
my heart ache for him, just to hold his hand.
it seemed like with every passing second came more and more pain.
at the same time, we grew closer as a couple.
with long distance, love is either destroyed or improved.
we went with the latter :)
it was THE hardest thing either of us has ever done.
and i hate to admit it but...
it was worth it.
{still think that amount of time is a bit excessive though}
being in his arms again, i felt happier and more full of love than i ever thought possible.
the joy was almost tangible.
this feeling can almost be expressed in these photos...
{seriously didn't let go for a good 10 minutes}
...but not quite, because you cant explain it or see it
or even know it until you feel it yourself.
and i sincerely hope that everyone in this world gets to experience such a euphoric experience.
anyways, moral of the story is
i've never been happier.
aaaand i have a feeling i'll  be saying the same thing in 4 days.
and again in 2 weeks.
and in 3 months
and in 1 year
and yet again in 50 years
because that's just how in love i am :)

oh and did i mention IT IS WEDDING WEEK?!?!?!?
no big deal or anything....

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  1. A happy post, indeed! Can I steal the picture of Brendon for the ward newsletter? I'd tell you to have a great weekend but that seems like the understatement of the century. :)



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