Monday, September 10, 2012

being a wife

ok so i've been a wife for 3 weeks now.

and i really like it. like, a lot. I'm trying this new format of writing because i all the sudden got sick of the short choppy poem like posts. and right now i just feel like writing freely, in an unorganized or thought out fashion- about my new life as a wife. {and yes, i will still throw in a rhyme every once in awhile like in the previous sentence to make up for the lack of my poetic-ness- rhyming words underlined for your convenience} i am way obsessed with being married. i can't get over how happy i am with just coming home to our old, small apartment {that is surprisingly growing on me} with jeff and fixing a little dinner, eating together, studying together, praying together, then falling asleep together. there is no one else- just us...
  ...just us.
well, except for the times when we babysit sam and eliza- which we love! :)

little side note- can you even imagine how wacko our kids' hair will be?!?!

we are family. a small one {that i am, by the way, very anxious to expand}, but a family nonetheless and thats just such a cool thought. we are a family. i love it. i love him. i love him a whole lot more than i love myself. i want him to be happy more than i want anything else, and almost all my thoughts and actions now revolve around that desire. please don't think I'm a super wife who is freaking perfect cuz I'm so not. I guess i actually am putting his needs and wants at the same level as mine because what i need or want is to fulfill his every need.
 people say marriage is horrible and hard. people also say marriage is wonderful. so which one is it? well, marriage is hard- YES. however, marriage is more wonderful, more fulfilling, more pinch me am i dreaming cuz I'm so stinkin' full of bliss right now than it is hard. yeah...
marriage is better than they say.
i think people nowadays are scared of marriage. i'll admit, i used to be. that's because all around us we hear of failing marriages and broken families. that's what we hear because that's the interesting stuff. you don't hear about every healthy kid in the world- but you hear about the ones who have cancer. same thing with marriage- the bad ones are the most talked about and reported because, well, people like to gossip. the good marriages-  nobody talks about because thats not juicy at all. but trust me, marriage shouldn't be scary. it's the best thing you could do with your life. i know I've only been married for 3 weeks and I'm not about to act like an expert but the thing is...marriage is what you make it, and if you go in thinking it's gonna fail, then it probably will. there are so many marriages out there that have flourished, and blossomed into something more beautiful than was ever even expected.
those are the stories that people should talk about. 

moral of the post: marriage thus far has not been anywhere near perfect {because DUH, a perfect marriage would require 2 perfect people and that just is not gonna happen.} however, it's way happier and better than i ever thought it could be and umm..i HIGHY recommend it :)

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