Friday, September 14, 2012

awkward moment of the week.

i was having a little picnic with my husband
 with pretty much nobody around us on campus- which is a rare treat.
 there was only ONE person within 50 feet of us in any direction. 
i went to go sit down and there was this weird, brown unidentified object just chillin'
 and i didn't really wanna sit on it so i picked it up and tossed it nonchalantly.
 suddenly, in mid air, this weird thing started to move in slow motion as i realized its probable fate. 
i crossed my fingers that my hypothesis would be wrong, 
but unfortunately i was spot on....
that nut i threw went right down the girl's shirt.

do you even realize how small the chance of that happening is??

she was probably 12 feet away from me
 and so it was close enough to where i had to apologize...
and considering we were the only people within the vaccinity-
 i really couldn't just look away and pretend like it fell from the sky.
 so i awkwardly confronted my self made predicament and apologized profusely.
 she was not happy- not one bit. 
because really, it seemed incredibly intentional. 
her response? "what was that?!" in the most disgusted and concerned tone possible.
 my reply? "umm a little brown nut...or something."
 then our conversation abruptly ended and jeff and i tried not to laugh 
because- she would've heard us.
 all we could do was sit there and look at each other
 and silently yet simultaneously agree that i was a fool. 

so, random girl, if you are reading this
{because obviously my blog is world famous and everyone does}

i am sorry that i threw that unidentified object down your shirt.



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