Wednesday, September 19, 2012

one month anniversary

yes. i'm one of those.
one of those who makes a big fat deal out of my
drumroll... one month anniversary!
ok so maybe not a big fat deal...
more like a blog post and an ice cream date kind of deal.

but i still think it is pretty cool.
this guy has been my husband for a whole month now
{as of yesterday, yeah a little delayed here.}
i remember thinking my wedding day would never come
like, legitimately thinking that it would never come.
and now it has been a month since.
a month full of love and cuddling
lots of it.
a month full of finding new things out about each other
seeing sides of the other we done never seen before.

there have been many moments that i wished
there was a "freeze-a-moment" button.
maybe there is an app for that?
those are the moments when I'm like...
shut. up.
these feelings cannot be real,
i can't possibly love someone this much
and feel the same amount of love from him.
the moments when the world stops spinning
and i just sit there and try to soak up every ounce of it-
it fills me up and seemingly oozes out of my countenance.
those moments completely contrast and trump the harder ones
its such a miracle- love love love.

i'm such a sap, i know.
get used to it.

some of my favorite married moments so far.
+leaving the house at 5am (every morning) and some days not coming home until 10pm, this is my favorite because  then we extra appreciate some quality cuddle time.
+going to bed bath and beyond, literally taking anything off the shelf that we want, racking up $300 worth of stuff, and not paying a dime thanks to wedding gift cards :)
+going to our marriage and family class together
+sometimes we have ugly dance parties with each other
+making jeffrey a lunch everyday and putting little love notes in them {I've been waiting for that my whole life!}
+successfully recreating a homemade version of Jeff's favorite meal: cafe rio pulled pork salad. mmm :)
+getting random calls throughout the day "hey wife, just wanted to call you and say i love you" :)
+every night jeff wraps his arms around me and says the sweetest things to me, drowning me with praises.
+every couple of days we just sit and talk, try to figure out how we can improve our relationship and make each other happier. those are the best conversations.
+the times when we some up with hypothetical situations that we hope will happen when we have little  frizzy headed andersens running around :)

so yeah, happiest one month to us!


  1. very cute post. Married life is the best, isn't it??

  2. Oh you two...I just love you! I'm so happy that you are so happy. I can't wait to BE that happy! :)

  3. I love you both so much and I love that you love each other so much. That's a lotta lovin!! Happy one month :)

  4. This makes me so want to get married (Once I actually find someone I can love that much). Thanks for being the unique couple that emphasizes that awesome, amazing things about marriage instead of always just saying marriage is way hard. You're awesome! :)

  5. AH! The one month mark is exciting and definitely worth celebrating! Congratulations to you two! xo



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