Sunday, September 23, 2012

spontaneous lovers

so its saturday.
and what do we do all day?
lounge around and do homework
in sweat pants and t shirts.
kind of marinating in our own stinky sweat.

we decide to go out.
yes out.
looking like homeless people.
well, mostly me looking like a homeless person.
our big outing was to wal mart to go grocery shopping.
so FUN. and adventurous. 
well, we were driving and jeff decided to go a different way than usual.
just to shake it up.
well the street he turned on lead us to some tantalizing buildings.
five guys. mm
we saw it and told each other stories of our wonderful past experiences there
with those delicious burger.
then there was a movie theatre right next to it...
"wanna go to a movie?"
"well I'm kinda hungry too."
me too. 

then we looked at each other, smirky smiles spreading over our faces
and we nodded our heads in sustainment of the aforementioned idea.
it was lovely. and spontaneous. and costly.
but who cares? sometimes you just gotta.
we went in with our sweat pants and nappy hair.
i was lookin a little rough in comparison to my hot husband
of course i see someone i know.
it was one of those times when i just knew people all around me were thinking
"wow. how did she convince him to marry her?
she must be a really good cook...or something"
jeff ordered a burger with everything on it

and i ordered a plain cheeseburger. {judge me}
yeah couldn't be more opposite in that category...

so we gobbled those right up.
then went to see bourne legacy and gobbled some $7 popcorn.
unintelligent investment, i know.
that movie was good, and jeff was patient enough
to explain everything to me...the whole time.
but we had a good time holding hands,
grabbing a little tighter whenever an intense scene was showing,
looking over and smiling at each other occasionally
and sneaking in a kiss or two.
dating is fun. especially when you are married.
and spontaneous.
i might say that was the best date we have ever been on.
this one is a close second
because its exactly what we needed :)

and we umm, didn't end up going grocery shopping.
oops ;)

we didn't take a picture with each other on this wonderful outing.
for obvious reasons.
so here is a picture of us that i love
taken the day before we got married
after i went through the temple for the first time :)

moral of the story,
i recommend having a spontaneous date night with your lover :)


  1. i love five guys!! Sounds like a fabulous date. It makes it even better when it is unexpected :)

  2. gosh you guys are cute! :)
    totally agree spontaneous dates are the absolute BEST!
    and you know... I have NEVER been to 5 guys...maybe i should cuz ur hubbys burger looks like it was delicious, and even tho yours was a little pitiful it looks good too:)

    1. yes you NEED to go to five guys. it is pretty expensive but totally worth it! you will definitely get more of your money's worth if you order one like my husbands! :)

  3. Okay I'm sorry but you guys are so cute. I'm new here...and stoked to read more about you guys. I've been to 5 guys once..and hated it. But you know..I'm willing to forgive and give it another chance!

    Amanda @

  4. hahaha oh what a sad life! not liking five guys. ha. well to each his own i guess :) thanks for stopping by!



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