Thursday, October 11, 2012

all in a day's work

literally. its ridiculous.
and the fact that I'm divulging this information to all of you kind of solidifies the point

i had a special day yesterday

*disclaimer, if you continue reading, you aren't allowed to judge me.
actually you are. i mean you are going to either way.

first of all, i forgot to put on deodorant.
yeah, 5th grade gym class days coming back to haunt me.
so yeah,i did that. and smelled real good.

 i went babysitting and my friend who i was babysitting for bought me lunch.
with chips and a soda to go with it.
well i left the soda in her car.
so it was just sitting there reminding her that she wasted money on me.
probably still is.

this next one is where major judgment may take place.
i was in a rush in the morning and i was too busy thinking about
bringing jeff's lunch, my backpack, and all the other things
that i just kinda forgot how to dress myself.

i forgot to wear a bra. 
really?! WHO DOES THAT?
i didn't realize until i was walking up to my first class.
and you can bet that my arms were crossed that whole time
and i drove home immediately after to mend the humiliating situation.
honestly, i've never done that.
i don't think many grown women have.
its quite impressive actually.

so then i decided to be productive and go to the gym.
i guess carrying my backpack plus my gym bag was too overwhelming
for me to remember that my cell phone exists.
so i left it in the bathroom that i was changing in.
no exaggeration, this is the 6th time in the past MONTH
that i have lost my phone.

previous to this month, i've lost my phone maybe like twice
my whole life.
jeff is used to random people calling me telling him that they have his wife's phone.
it happens like every other

also when i was in the gym i was running on the treadmill
and i looked over at the mirror to see if i look like a noob when i run.
well my not so subtle glance at the mirror resulted in me putting my foot
off the treadmill and almost falling.
the guy next to me was really scared for my life
and made sure to keep his eye on me the rest of the time to make sure
i didn't kill myself.
so moral of the story, i do look like a noob when i run.

i also got tired in the middle of the day and walked all the way to my car to take a nap in it.
i mean, my brain obviously needed to be recharged.

and gregory house.
i don't know if i've ever taken advice from him before
but i think today i will.
because this quote makes me feel better about myself.

some REALLY great things must be right around the corner for me...


  1. Haha I have gone out in public only to realize I forgot to strap the ladies in more times than I would like to admit. Glad to know I'm not the only one =)

  2. Hahaha oh Kerri, I just love you. Thanks for making me feel normal - I'm glad to know that super embarrassing stuff doesn't just happen to me!

  3. oh my gosh thanks for the comment, the follow, and for this post! i'm JUST about to write about my horrible day and it was all within my home, yours was pretty much in public. which, i have forgotten to put on a bra before i go out and i totally run like a noob too. i like you and your blog. we're alike :)

  4. This is lovely. And I think I have done the majority as well. ESPECIALLY the running part too. Who doesn't run like a noob? And who wears their bra all the time? JK. I do. But I did forget once. No joke there.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  5. Hahaha! You are so funny, I love it! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! So glad I'm not the only one who does those things! We could be real good friends :-)

  7. Love you Kerri. Don't forget to get enough sleep. :-) You just have too many directions you are trying to go. Don't worry, your memory will come back!!

  8. Best story ever. I always put my shirt on without a bra- then get upset that I have to take off my shirt to put on a bra, then my shirt on again. But that is pretty impressive. =] Congrats are in order I think.



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