Sunday, October 7, 2012

{J&K} funny conversations

here are a few funny conversations me and my husband have had
in the past few days that i want to always remember.
they may or may not amuse you like they amuse me :)

*laying in bed trying to fall asleep.
"jeffrey, do you have anything you want to talk about or tell me?"

"yes! tomorrow, I'm getting new dog tags and a free t shirt from the army"

"no jeff, i mean something about how you FEEL"

"....oh, i feel happy that I'm getting a free t shirt."

i laughed for a long time after that.
oh boys....

*me running in late for work because i accidentally slept in
"kerri, did you wake up like 5 minutes ago?"


"then why are there still lines on your face from sleeping and you are wearing the same clothes you went to bed in?"

" comment."

 {haters back off}

*jeff changed out of his school clothes into comfy clothes...
"jeff, why are you wearing pajamas and your combat boots?"

"because, umm i like them. and they are new :)"

ok this is just hilarious. he is like a little boy who gets a new batman cape a refuses to take it off.
he literally was wearing a school outfit with other shoes. 
changed into comfier clothes 
and then took like 10 extra minutes to put these on and tie them up.
just to sit on the couch and relax.
he cracks me up. :)

thats just a tid bit of our life together in the very recent.
 i will definitely keep em comin :)

happy conference weekend. I'm just loving it way too much!
I'm making muffins, breakfast casserole, and maybe some yummy homemade bread.
jeff is, well, eating it.


  1. what great memories! Love these silly conversations.


    swaney e

  2. Dear Kerri.
    I've never met you. But I feel like if we'd met, you and I would be very good friends. I think you are darling.



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