Tuesday, October 23, 2012


my brother is leaving in two weeks to go on a mission to new york. ok yea this may sound so cliche and normal for a mormon, but this is a big stinking deal to me. he is my little brother. i will miss him so much. but at the same time i am so proud of him i feel like my heart might burst out of my chest and break out into a hallelujah chorus. he is my best friend and I'm not just saying that because he is my brother and your brothers are supposed to be your best friends. people say our faces are the same, little do they know that our insides are even more the same. our souls are made of the same stuff, our brains think the same thoughts and when we are together wordless conversations come with ease. i remember when i first started dating jeff and i was trying to figure out if i loved him or not. i would always say to myself "do i care about him as much as brendon?" "does my heart ache for his well being?" for awhile it was a no, but it was when i could finally answer those questions affirmatively that i knew i loved jeff. obviously the love i have for my brother and for my husband are drastically different, but the base of it is the same. those are two people i truly love more than myself.
my brother is leaving to new york for 2 years, and he is taking a part of my soul with him. this will not be an easy thing for me, because who likes living without the part of them that validates every aspect of who they are?


  1. You two look so much alike! This post is so cute. My brother is two years older than me and I was 17 when he left. Man. It was so hard for me! I remember I felt so close to him through letters though :) Yay for amazing men in our lives!

  2. Aww!I'm sure he will be back in no time, I agree your very much alike.

    Good luck to your brother on his adventure :-)

  3. Aww, you're such a sweet big sister. I'm sure he'll miss you too! :)

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  4. You are so lucky to have such a great relationship with your brother!


  5. Darling kids! Both of you are wonderful people and Brendon will contribute so much as a missionary.

  6. So awesome and sad at the same time! Believe me it is awesome your little bro is going on a mission. My bro didn't and it made me so sad. I am your newest follower, LOVE your blog
    Follow me @bridgettenicole.blogspot.com

  7. How awesome that you have such wonderful things to say about your brother. I hope he has a safe and fulfilling trip!



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