Tuesday, October 2, 2012

some things never change

i came out of the womb sentimental.
the reason i was crying when i came out is probably because i was thinking...
oh, that was just such a beautiful experience and my mother was amazing for birthing me!

I'm just an emotional person.
pretty much everything matters to me
even dumb things.
but mostly people, getting to know them.
really know them.
im not a huge fan of fake relationships or small talk.
like, at all.
there is no point to it at all.
and if there is one, let me know I'm curious to know what you've come up with.
honestly. meaningless conversation is...meaningless.
i like real relationships, and real conversations.
and i always have.
don't believe me?
I'm going to share a little story with you about me.
when i was 9.

so there was this boy named brock.
he was the cool guy, the cute guy, the guy every girl had a "crush" on.
well, you know what. i wanted to get to know him.
so, i sent him a note.
no it didn't involve the phrase "will you go out with me?"
or "check yes or no"
you know how elementary kids go out with each other.
it basically is writing notes to each other, giggling to your friends whenever you walk by them
and the occasional standing awkwardly in the middle of the playground holding hands.
saying nothing to each other.

well, in my note i asked him if he'd like to "go on a walk with me."
yes. a walk.
i figured it was a great way to get to know each other better.
well, he wrote me back and said 
"dear kerri, i will walk with you"
i was excited for our little walk, until the whole class found out about our note passing.
everyone instantly thought we were "going out"
AND had crushes on each other.
oh no. i was NOT that kind of girl!
well, i remember a recess filled with people coming up and laughing at me
and informing me of who i was apparently going out with.
i was not a fan.
i distinctly remember 
walking in to the classroom after recess, mostly everyone was sitting in their desks
and quieting down and settling into their seats.
i yelled with all the drama i could muster
 as i threw my arms back and strained my neck
"guys! i JUST wanted to get to know him better!"
i then told brock i didn't think a walk was the best idea.
he nodded his head in what i assumed was utter despair
because he obviously was looking forward to showing each other our souls.
{I'm sure he is still heartbroken}

i told this story for 2 reasons
1. to illustrate my eternal sentimental ways
2. because its funny. well....to me at least. 

have a nice day full of feelings and meaningful conversations! :)


  1. So glad to have found your blog! I'm excited to follow along =)

  2. This made me smile. I can't wait to read more!

  3. I am right there with you. I hate small talk and love when I can jump past that stage with a friend.

  4. Yo mama wants you to know that you cried coming out of the womb because the first thing you saw was her blotchy, sweaty face.

  5. Oh man, at that age, I saw all of the teasing that was going on among all of my friends and decided thence forward to never talk about boys. (Hence, my sister claims that she knew my husband was special after I came home after my freshman semester of college and talked about every other friend I had except for him).
    you weren't only sentimental, you were brave, to send a note like that!

  6. Hahaha love this!! Soooo cute! :)



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