Saturday, November 3, 2012

host of the year award

the title of the post, as you will soon discover, is completely sarcastic.

my mom and my brother came to visit this weekend.
although i did manage to have the apartment 90% clean.
i had no meals prepared, no activities planned.

this is how it went down.
friday morning. my mom bought us breakfast muffins.
friday afternoon. my mom bought us taco bell.
friday mid afternoon. we went grocery shopping and my mom bought all my groceries.
friday night. my mom ordered pizza for us.

are you seeing a pattern?
i had planned on cooking nice meals for them,
but i miserably failed.
i had planned on doing something fun.
and well unless laying on an air mattress counts....didnt happen.
the good thing is, me and my mom were perfectly content
to just lay down and talk all day.
me being pregnant, and her having a broken back.
we took naps, ate unhealthy food purchased by my mom, and had some great conversations.
meanwhile i was studying for a test i had to take today
which i for sure bombed. i've never been so unprepared for a test in my life.
i had no other time to study for it besides when my family was here
because i had 2 other tests this week that i was previously busy studying for.
it was a crazy week. but the best relaxing weekend ever.
i don't know if my family can say they enjoyed themselves as much as i did.
but it was quite the pleasure.

we topped off the short stay with breakfast this morning.
my mom made me fried eggs, something I've never managed to master.
and we watched jeff play in his football game.

so now you know why i deserve a host of the year award.
everyone will be flocking to my house for the upcoming weekends, I'm sure of it.
woo. party.


  1. I know how much your mom and Brendon were looking forward to spending time with you...not your food or your town or your fancy bed. Just you. I'm sure it was perfect. :)

  2. hahaha That's my kind of weekend- we are kindred spirits at heart I think ha

  3. Cute blog! Newest follower from The Things We Find Inside Blog Hop. Follow back if you like
    p.s. I'm a mormon too!



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