Wednesday, October 31, 2012

crazy train

crazy train is officially here.
that is the term jeff and i use to refer to what pregnancy turns me into at times.
both physically, emotionally, and mentally.
oh ya, it definitely covers all three of those.

i just wanted to share my experience with pregnancy so far.
its horrible. but horribly worth it.

so ill start with my first week of symptoms (not necessarily my first week of pregnancy).

cravings week 1 : FRUIT. that is pretty much all i wanted to eat.
i was impressed with myself and thought "oh great, it'll be easy to eat healthy!"

thats when the other cravings started...

cravings week 2: taco bell nachos. i BURST out into tears one night when they didn't put enough cheese in the cup. I'm talking a 2 year old falling off the bed kind of crying. yeah, jeff videotaped it. cool.

cravings week 3-4: everything. i pretty much ate anything, all the time. i had to eat every 10 minutes or i would get ridiculously nauseous and feel like i was being eaten alive. EATEN.

cravings week 5- ravioli. this has been one of the very few things i wanted to eat the past 2 weeks.

cravings week 6 ish: one day it was sour patch kids- watermelon flavored. one day was panda express. one day it was cheetos. a couple times it has been french fries with ranch.  oh and today it is texas roadhouse mashed potatoes. {what i would give!}
oh so healthy.

so the latest trend is that everyday there is one thing, besides ravioli which I'm always down for, that sounds good to me. and i must have it. soda has been a big thing lately too and i usually don't like soda. pretty much any flavored drink is delightful. mmm :) water kinda makes me nauseous. as does...everything else in the whole world.

this whole time, the things that are the absolute worse are: the smell of pickles, tuna (which i usually love), and anything with tomato sauce. oh and everything else that has a smell.

I've been dizzy, tired, and lots of headaches.
when i say tired, i mean at least 9 hours of sleep a night,  sometimes more, plus either one long nap or 2 short ones.
all three of those things are a MUST.
meanwhile my poor husband probably gets 12 hours of sleep in a whole week.
and has to deal with the crazy train.

still, i went to my first doctor's appointment yesterday and it made everything seem so much more real.
it made me really excited.
hearing things like,
"you'll need to register to give birth here" and "giving birth will hurt a lot more than this shot, so toughen up"
and I'm still terrified to give birth, like WAY.
but the last couple times I've thrown up, i can't help but be a tiny bit happy
because its all for a REALLY really good cause :)

oh and to make this post festive, ill be dressing up as crazy train for halloween.
this costume consists of sweat pants, tshirt, and a hoodie.
because crazy trains don't have the capability of dressing up anymore than that.


  1. Poor girl. I hope things start looking better and pregnancy isn't so bad. HOWEVER...good thing everything you were craving was edible. Nothing like...dirt. Haha! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. And hope this whole thing gets better!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. Hang on, girl. For most people, the crazy train doesn't last forever. But start making a top ten list of the nastiest things to throw up. It'll be funny later.

  3. Oh the joys of pregnancy... ha ha it's all worth it though I promise! the 2nd trimester is so much better too.

    1. yes I'm sure it is worth it! so excited for the 2nd trimester!

  4. So sorry it's been rough! You won't remember how hard it was in a few months though. And don't be scared to give birth- think about how many women do it EVERY single day! If they can do it, you totally can too. Plus, there's always drugs. You don't have to feel a thing. :) We're so happy for y'all! Hang in there and enjoy every minute!

    1. yeah it hasn't really been all that bad and i know it'll be worth it! I'm getting pretty anxious already :) haha.

  5. Isn't it wild what something so teeny can do to a body? Hope you're feeling better soon :) Thanks for linking up for WW :))


  6. First of all, cutest blog. You guys are adorable. I have food cravings NOT being pregnant, so I can't imagine the cravings I would have when I become pregnant. Good luck to you both on your upcoming baby! How exciting!

    Brani Laine

  7. lol

    I had four (kids) and can totally relate. The only time in my life I screamed at my husband was when I was pregnant w/the fourth. He just looked at me like I'd gone mad and told me, "I'm not cleaning that up," regarding the food I'd spilled while ranting. ;) Fortunately, we do go back to normal. :)



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