Monday, November 26, 2012


"Like the intense fire that transforms iron into steel, as we remain faithful during the fiery trial of our faith, we are spiritually refined and strengthened" - Neil L. Andersen

i have such a testimony of this.
i really do believe that we grow the most through our trials.
and if we choose to turn to the Lord, can come out a better person. 
Heavenly Father knows this, He knows it is what we need.
and that is why He doesn't always take away our trials.

"the Lord would rather prepare us for the storms, 
rather than still the storms" - S. Michael Wilcox
{if he preferred the latter, life would be pretty pointless wouldn't it?}

i have experienced this many times.
i am experiencing it now.
in times of trial i seem to draw nearer to God.
He knows this.
it is unfortunate that it is sometimes easier to distance yourself when life is going well 
{or maybe its just me}
and we feel like we can do it on our own.
we never can.
there is a depth of joy that comes when you let the Lord comfort you,
refine you, and eventually define you.

i am grateful for my trials.
i truly am.
im grateful for my little baby growing inside.
im grateful i have to sacrifice A LOT for my sweet little one,
because that will make the end blessing that much more sweet.


  1. So glad that everything is going well with your little one - your post had me scared for a minute. That's such a wonderful quote! Thanks for sharing!

    1. HAHA oops. yeah i guess its just the whole sickness that comes with it and trying to balance other aspects of life while feeling like a sick slug. you probably know just how it is! haha

  2. what a great message. i needed something like this, thank you :)

    new follower from followers to friends! hope you follow back :)

  3. Nice Post! New follower from the bloghop:)


  4. I love this so much. It is inspiring

    New follower!!

    ps. I love your bio on the side. So dang cute :)

  5. Great post! I love your blog and I am now following you!

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