Friday, November 30, 2012

how to be an unproductive sleep puncher

how to not be a good bed mate.

- punch your husband in the face in the middle of the night
- elbow him in the throat in your sleep
- start bawling uncontrollably (and inconsolably) in your sleep
- say mean sleep talking things to your husband
- kick him really hard during a bad dream. where it hurts. sorry
- steal all the covers, every single night

i may or may not be guilty of all of the above.
poor husband.

how to waste time not doing homework 

- buy ring pops, and take pictures with them. obviously.

- WrItE a WhOlE LeTtEr To SoMeOnE iN tHiS fOrMaT. tHeY wIlL lOvE iT.
- watch this funny prank on youtube. that also is really creepy.

- read ridiculous blog posts. (hey- you can check that off your list right now!)

- get pee-your-pants excited over the new show coming out: Girl Meets World.
the reprise of only THE BEST TV SHOW ON EARTH! I'm just a little anxious

- PIN delicious food that you have only a slight intention of making...someday, in the next 25 years.

- trip over absolutely nothing and biff it in front of many people on campus.


- Instead of buying new maternity outfits for your ever growing self, buy 6 new disney movies instead, and watch them by yourself. (ok so maybe id just like to think I'm growing. my last pregnancy bump picture may have been enhanced with the huge thanksgiving meal i had eaten 10 minutes prior)

- watch multiple belly evolution videos on youtube. completely reasonable activity.

- make a vlog for a fictional faithful fan club. and don't show it to anyone.

- go around and ask random people awkward questions.

- sit and think of all the possible failures and shortcomings you can blame on being pregnant.

you are welcome.
have an unproductive day and a good night's sleep at your husband's expense.
(ok not really the last part, that is so mean.)


  1. All of this = STORY OF MY LIFE. LOL, new to your blog and loving it :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime --

  2. Cute! I just tell my husband that he throws the covers on me at night :). Hey it could happen! Stopping by Paula's NoRules Weekend Blog party!

  3. Some good ideas here. Much better than doing what we should be doing I would say. I don't know if I will ever get over missing Harry Potter but currently I am obsessing about going to London to the actual Kings Cross Station so i can take a picture trying to shove through the wall at platform 9 3/4. That is helping for now :)


  4. Fun post ~ great sense of humor ~ (A Creative Harbor ^_^)

  5. My husband talks in his sleep. He usually accuses me of doing something or stealing something of his. I've learned to just go along with it lol.

    I can't wait for Girl Meets World either ~ so exciting :)

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  6. Love your sleeping stories, it's hard adjusting to sleeping with someone else. I keep being a not so great bed mate too :) at least it makes for good stories.

    Love your posts, you are hilarious. Love you Kare Bear.


  7. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for linking up with the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I am following you in all the options you have on your blog for me to follow!!

    Please spread the word, share the blog code on your blog!! Who knows, you could end up being the featured blog next week!! Aloha Friday Blog Hop

  8. This is uncle Jared. Kerri, you sound like Monica. I am a victim of nocturnal violence and have serious PTSD as a result. Tell Jeff to beware, I have not always walked this way.

  9. My daughter talks in her sleep, it cracks me up!

    Visiting you today from the No Rules Weekend Blog Party.

  10. so my husband once sneezed on my face 5 times one night while we were sleeping! it was horrifying. and take advantage that you don't haven't popped out a kid yet b/c vegging around and watching movies is bliss for me now. when i was pregnant i watched all 3 extended editions of the lord of the rings PLUS the entire 18 hours of bonus features in like 3 days.

  11. Haha, i'm glad i dont do these things. I'm like a rock when i sleep i might snore a little {a lot} but i've been told it's like a calm fog horn HA! I watched the prank video yesterday at work and let me tell you, I would've pee'd my pants! I'm terrified of elevators anyway. I'm stopping by from the weekend blog hop & i hope you've had a great weekend!


  12. I have seen your button everyone and decided it was finally time for me to pay a visit. I'm so glad I did! What a lovely blog you have. I am following now, and hope you have a chance to check me out. I have a giveaway going on (my first one!) so that's exciting, too!

    Brani Laine

  13. That ghost prank in FB is certainly going around! There's another one where it's a coffin and the man inside suddenly becomes undead!! So funny too - the reaction are wilder! LOL

    new follower here kerri!

  14. My husband snores only when he drinks the night before so those nights I really do not get sleep :)
    Love the ring pop distractions :)
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.



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