Thursday, January 31, 2013

noteworthy occurrences.

1. i have tried zumba for the first time. there is good news and bad news about this.
good news is that i like it, and i think it's a fun way to get a work out.
bad news is that it isn't the best pregnancy exercise...everytime i do a jump or some kind of in the air dance move, i just think of my baby being bounced all around in my stomach.

i mean, if i was a fetus- i would not be a fan
they've already got it pretty rough as it is, living in my mucus in between my huge hip bones and sharp ribs?
the last thing my poor little baby deserves is to be flailed around like a sack of potatoes.

oh here is some more bad news. i couldn't look more ridiculous if i tried.
anyone who has had the misfortune of watching me get my zumba on probably thinks im some kind of sick joke of a person.
i can't shimmy. i canNOT body roll.
but i try to anyways- which is unfortunate for anyone who is forced to be a witness.

2. is it weird that, arguably my current favorite article of clothing, is a hoodie?
not just any hoodie, my husband's hoodie.
the hoodie that his ex-girlfriend gave to him....
it's fine.

oh and is it just me or am i the only person on the planet who wears hoodies anymore?
it's almost as if...they are out of style.
thats a cruel joke, you fashion world people.

3. another fashion related thought.

yeah i would be the freaking cutest pregnant woman if i had the money to buy a whole new wardrobe...
update: i have yet to buy maternity pants, and only 4 shirts.
hence, the ex-girlfriend's hoodie.

4. utah weather?
you should be ashamed of yourself.
snow is very pretty, but when accompanied with -5 degree weather, it is hard to focus on that little fact.
utah air?
you should be even more ashamed of yourself. you are borderline poison.

5. my husband is awesome. being married is awesome.
he comforts me when i have a hormone-induced break-down.
i was venting to him the other day. i was upset about some recent quiz scores.
and just school in general.

and then there was the anatomy video.

it was a video of the inside of your throat and what it looks like when you cough.
it includes slimy throat insides and mucus make its way across said slimy throat.
we watched it.
in slow motion. 15 times.
it made me want to die.

so, after i had finished venting about all the academic injustices,
i started talking about this anatomy video.
and the second i mentioned it,
the tears that were already delicately brimming the rims of my eyes
could no longer be restrained,
and i lost it.
started bawling, and an involuntarily frown forced its way to my face.
then i was kind of laughing.
because i knew i was ridiculous.
and my husband hugged me with all the sincerity he could muster.
holding back the laughter.
then he told me to stop studying and relax.
he held my hand and told me he loved me even if i got bad grades,
even if nobody ever talked to me in any class ever and i was a mega anti-social loner,
and even if i cried over anatomy videos.

i love my husband. he is a keeper.
for further proof....
please note the beautiful cinder block walls and blue tile bathroom, be jealous.
when i try to reciprocate this spousal awesome-ness,
i make cookies, and they look like barf.
eh, life goes on and believe it or not, cookies still taste good.

and i'd like to end this post with an ode to quesadillas:
satisfying my lunch time tummy rumbles like nothing else can since 1995.


  1. Ohmygosh. Best. Post. Ever. Hahaha! I can just imagine you doing zumba, and your small fetus getting tossed around like a ping pong ball-such a great visual!
    And don't feel bad, I'm not pregnant and I cry all the time and get so ridiculous that I laugh at my own ridiculousness too. (I just blame it on the birth control though) :)
    Also, those cookies-try using shortening instead of butter-makes flat cookies turn fluffy like a charm.
    Last but not least, you are adorable, you and Jeff are adorable, I miss you like crazy, and you're one of the funniest people I know. Seriously though. Your stories kill me.


  2. Haha this post made me laugh. If it makes you feel any better, I tried zumba a couple of years ago (absolutely hated it) and I could not, for the life of me, shimmy or body roll. Also, maternity clothes are super expensive. I bought a couple of maternity shirts and I eventually broke down and bought a pair of $8 maternity jeans from Ross, but I mostly just bought comfy shirts in bigger sizes (Target boyfriend v neck tees - only $8 and the best thing ever). Also also, those cookies look delicious. I love me some flat cookies (seriously) =)

    1. the ross jeans are the only ones i would buy because they are so cheap but when i tried them on they looked HORRENDOUS on me. like really bad. I'm still wearing my normal jeans so hopefully i can keep doing that and then eventually do the rubber band thing...and the last month i just will stay in the house and wear pajama pants i think...haha. and the cookies really were good, just not attractive...

  3. Awesome post. I still wear hoodies too! I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only one. I always where my husband's hoodies because for some reason they are always more comfortable than mine. And yes, being married is awesome :)

  4. haha you crack me up. And dude, when the heck did you get so many followers? insane in the membrane.

  5. Ha ha... I thought It was the ONLY person that still ate quesadillas on a regular basis that was over the age of, like, 10. :) I love them too. :)

    1. you must have awesome taste buds...they are just delicious!

  6. hahaha i love zumba!! but i often times feel the same way.. i just own it and pretend i know what i'm doing. and i'm wearing a hoodie right at this moment, so you are not the only one!

  7. I love Zumba too. Don't jump. Just do the low impact moves.
    Stopping by and following from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  8. Hey Kerri? ou're adorable. Just sayin'....

    Thanks for linking up with the MMM!

  9. You are too cute.. I loved looking through your posts!

    I'm your newest follower from the Monday Mingle

  10. You are definitely NOT the only one that wears hoodies and although I am miles away from Utah known I am right next to you in spirit every time you rock that hoodie!

    Just found your blog via Mingle Monday, have a wonderful week!!!

  11. Hi there, I cam to visit through the blog hop :) I am now following your lovely blog via GFC, hope you can follow back real soon.
    Angela x

  12. Oh Kerri,yours is the ONLY blog I will read because it is SO stinkin hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh

  13. I'm your newest follower! Follow me at
    - Sarah

  14. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Come check it out!



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