Thursday, February 14, 2013

LOVE day

everyone has a love/hate relationship with this day.
i'll admit i've been a hater in the past. 
but then i realized it really should be about celebrating L-O-V-E
whether or not that includes a significant other. 
today is THE day to
shower the people you love with love!
so go do it :)
here are some ways we did that today:
just realized i used the wrong your...which is usually a pet peeve of mine. humiliating.
for me, it just happens to be a LITERAL pop! ;)
thanks husband :)
my favorite childhood treat jeff got for me
 he is cute :)
he approves- those are his favorite cookies

i also surprised him with tickets to see The Piano Guys...
we LOVE them.
we ended the day eating panda express
because that's what we wanted. and it was delicious.

a day devoted to my husband.
even though i think we should show each other love everyday. 
not just once a year.
but i guess its just an excuse to go a little over board for a day. or in my case- cheesy.

i'm going to make a list of some of the reasons i love this man.
lets say...14, for february 14th :)

1. he works so hard
i have no doubt he will always provide for our family. 
2. he smiles all the time
and it is actually the cutest smile ever
3. he is never a downer
he just rolls with it and doesn't let things get him down
4. he is always striving to better himself
always setting goals and working hard to achieve them
5. he can do anything he sets his mind to
seriously. his never-give-up mentality is out of this world
6. he tells me he loves me many times every day
last thing he does before he goes to sleep, first thing he does when he wakes up- and then some in between
7. he always asks me if I'm happy
and if I'm not he tries his best to change that
8. he is so patient
let's just say not every man would deal with a very sick pregnant hormonal wife the way he does
9. he is easy to please
he is so grateful for all the small things i do for him, and it makes me want to do them even more!
10. he is going to be such a good daddy
whenever he is around kids, specifically nieces and nephews- it makes me so excited because he is so good with them
11. he is weird like me
sometimes we'll be acting weird and crazy and then we will just look at each other and say "how are we this weird?" i don't know, but we are happy! he makes me laugh so much, and he laughs at me too!
12. he is so good at communicating
he always wants to talk things out and is so patient and kind when doing so
14. he still gives me butterflies and makes me GIDDY
whenever he sends me cute texts, or says he loves me...or sometimes i just get so excited when i haven't seen him for a couple hours to see him again. seriously...its like we are still engaged. 

hope you all had a happy valentines day! :)
oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!
tomorrow is the last day!


  1. Hi there! I have ventured over from the GFC blog hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! XOXO Mandi Roach

  2. ...And you're adorable! Anyways, I typed in "other Molly Mormon bloggers" and a few links later, i found you-- which I'm glad I did. What a cute blog.
    So, I'm your newest follower, can't wait to read more and hope you'll come by to say hey sometime.




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