Friday, February 15, 2013

bumpdate; 24 weeks + giveaway winner

disclaimer: my leg is not in fact the size of a red wood tree stump...
this photo is just dark and you can't distinguish between the two separate legs.

anyways here are some pregnancy updates

+ my little daughter definitely has started using the placenta as a straight up trampoline. i'm sure of it.

+ i've gained 10 pounds.
at least 2 pounds has contributed to my new J-LO booty
{disclaimer: personally, i've never paid particular attention to her booty-
 but thats what people say so I'm just gonna go with it}
2 pounds goes to the baby and, ya know, the gooey water she lives in.
2 pounds to my baby's future milk producers. {there should be plenty in there little girl}
2 pounds goes to the generous amounts of desserts and sour candy consumed.

+ putting on shoes and socks is becoming quite the feat. woweeeee

+ my baby is a pound in a half, and she is like 12 inches long. it is just bizarre to think that there really is a person growing in me.

+ sometimes the intensity of my cravings make me cry.
is a catered dessert bar really too much to ask for?...sheesh

+ my ribs hurt almost all the time. especially when i have to sit in class or work for a long time. i have to raise my arms over my head like a hairy man checkin' out women at the beach. it's entirely unattractive, but equally necessary

+ i've been super tired...basically my whole pregnancy. i have gone very few days without a nap my entire pregnancy. oh how i love to sleep. i think of it as my winter hibernation because come summer time, i will most likely be awake...for good.

+ ok so every other pregnant woman by this point in pregnancy has reported her husband feeling the baby kick/move but mine STILL hasn't. at first jeff would put his hand on my belly and she would immediately STOP moving. but lately, he has put his hand on my belly and she keeps going at it. she kicks his hand hard, straight on and he doesn't feel it. i don't get it. it feels like a bowling alley in my belly yet his touch is seemingly unphased...what the heck. it is so sad to me. i'm crossing my fingers he will be able to feel her soon- because i know it will be so exciting for him and make it more real, just like it did for me.

+ i do not go a day without feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. i do not go a day without wondering how i got this blessed when other women have such a hard time getting pregnant or staying pregnant. i sometimes even feel a little guilty; but then i stop myself and instead decide to just soak it up; every second, and appreciate every little thing about it. i try really hard to do that- and i will be honest, it has not been very hard at all :)

oh and the giveaway winner has {randomly} been chosen...drumroll pleeeease!
lindsay bolton- you won! 
i email-ed you so just umm, check your email :)

for those of you who feel left out- 
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  1. is your baby obsessed with sour candy? haha because mine is.. i crave sour/fruity candy ALL THE TIME!! it's so bad... also when your baby kicks can you see your belly move? because at first my husband couldn't feel it even though i could, but then he started seeing it and now he believes me :)

    1. yes! sour candy has always been my favorite; but i can never get enough of it. and i like eating it too because my baby always moves a ton after i do...sugar rush i guess! thats been my biggest craving for sure. i haven't seen my belly move very many times...only a few. my husband jokingly says "i think you are making it up, i can't feel or see anything!" haha so frustrating!

  2. Your bump is so cute! When I read the part about your child having a buffet of milk when it gets out it reminded me of our days in high school when I'd try and convince you I had big boobs and you'd just look at yours and roll your eyes haha.

  3. Cute baby bump! I craved sweets so bad during my pregnancy... it was not good. haha

  4. The ribs on my left side hurt every time I sit too! Ugh! And I totally understand about being tired. I am almost 28 weeks and I think I have been tired every single day.
    My husband can't ever feel baby kicking either. I feel so bad for him because he gets so frustrated! Hopefully as the kicks get bigger and stronger in the next few weeks he can feel him!



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