Monday, February 18, 2013

family motto

the other day i was thinking about how i would like my family 
to have a family motto.
i think i found it.

that's it :)
i think it is the key to happiness in this life, truly.
and i hope i can help engrave this idea into my children's hearts.

so many people see my religion as restricting.
you can't drink this? you can't do that??
you have to do that?
the truth is, i can do whatever i want.
i choose to live by the standards i do
because that is what the Lord has asked of me.

the reason He asks us to do these things? 
because HE KNOWS, in the long run
what will fill us with the most JOY.

so- He is asking us, pleading with us
to do these things
because he wants us to be happy.

I think parents should understand this more than anyone.
why don't you just let your child run around out in the snow with no shoes?
because you know what's good for them- more than they know what's good for them.
they may throw a fit in the moment- but in the long run?
they will be happy.

do any of you have a quote that you would like to use as a family motto?
or already do use as a family motto?
i'd love to hear!


  1. I think a family motto is a great idea!

    Just found you through the link up!
    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

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  3. This is just so truthful. I love it so much,

  4. Well you know the Andersen family motto... Life is hard and then you die! ha That's not really our motto we'd just joke about it being... I think it was a joke anyway! We're yet to come up with one so good on you for figuring it out so early on!



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