Wednesday, February 20, 2013

that time i failed, tried again, and still failed

last sunday i decided to embark on a delicious sugar cookie journey.
i made a HUGE batch of cookie dough-
enough to make 4 dozen!
i wanted to deliver them to be nice and maybe make new friends or something.
ya know, step out of my comfort zone and interact with someone other than my husband...ha.
i expected it to be a time consuming experience-
but i got a bit more than i bargained for.

so the first batch i tried to roll out the dough and cut out cute heart shaped cookies.
well, the dough was WAY too gooey still- so basically i failed.
no amount of slapped on flour would fix it.
i ended up just putting a huge sheet of cookie dough on a cookie sheet
and cooking it, then when it was done cooking
i cut hearts out of it.
this is NOT what a cookie should look like. 

i was discouraged.
i wanted to scream and give up-
but i popped the dough in the fridge for 2 more hours.
determined to persevere and come out triumphant.

i was so, so patient, 
to no avail.
the pictures speak for themselves.

when i pulled these bad boys out- jeff and i just burst out laughing.
laughing was the only thing i could do to stop a flood of frustrated tears. 

here are the 2 out of a possible 48 that actually turned out.
and only kind of.
oh did i mention that i managed to completely screw up the frosting too?
i don't even know how. i did exactly what the recipe said.
{with the frosting and the cookies}
it made me want to strangle thin air. 

i felt like a fool. who can't make sugar cookies?
oh, yeah- me.
just for self reassurance- there have been a couple times 
i didn't fail at baking.
here, and here to name a few...
see I'm still a little bit cool, right?

this post may be a bit refreshing since all you ever see on blogs are perfectly decorated apartments accompanied with elaborately delicious and equally beautiful desserts-
oh and with a roast dinner and a perfectly groomed child on top.
well, here is a blog you can come to feel better about yourself.
where you can confidently say to yourself:
'you know what? i can make sugar cookies! I'm pretty alright...' are welcome.

you live and you learn.


  1. Hahaha so funny! It's okay Kerri, at least you and Jeff were each able to have a pretty cookie (since two turned out) and I'm sure even the 'special' ones still tasted good. Better luck next time ol' friend :)
    PS your baby belly is looking baby-licious!

    1. they actually tasted great! but this post is about failure so i didn't mention that.

  2. Oh nooooo! hahaha. I'm not good at making sugar cookies EITHER. They are always mis-shapen and ugly, but usually taste good! hahaha The other thing I'm pretty bad at is strawberry frosting. It ALWAYS separates, so I totally understand the "strangle thin air" feeling. :)

  3. Thank goodness! I'm not the only one who is FAR from perfect. ;) You're great Kerri. Those cookies are lucky to be made by you!

  4. HAHA! This post definitely had me laughing (I swear, not at you!). My favorite part: you attempted to cut hearts out of a giant, already-baked cookie. Hehe, we all have bad baking/cooking experiences to laugh about--glad you shared :)

  5. I love this! The blogging world's moms do seem sooo perfect all the time! Thank you for sharing this (slightly) funny story, reminding us that we are all human and make mistakes... AND that we dont have to be perfect! I am glad you could laugh about it after :)
    Ps- thanks for commenting on my blog earlier! It made my day! :)

  6. I so feel your pain! Newest fan from the blog hop!

  7. Sugar cookies and I have a rocky relationship as well. I can usually get them cut out and cooked ok (although I do tend to prefer rolling them and then slicing circles)... but man they are always the ugliest things in the world when I try to decorate them! Seriously, no matter how many tutorial or tips I read! My decorating skills are horrendous. =)

  8. I really do feel better. :) I admit, I've been too scared to make sugar cookies. And embarrassed to be too scared, because they're supposed to be easy. But that right there is why I worry.

    You have to post this to Nailed it or something though. :)
    Popping over from Twinkle's Flash Blog Friday.

  9. Good try! These still look yummy :)

  10. It can be disheartening to have kind intentions & then they don't work out. Don't let it stop you. Only since I have become more patient & organised in the kitchen have I become a better cook. Best of luck.

  11. With a culinary arts degree and working as a chef, sugar cookies are the one thing I avoid! They are time consuming, a pain and so so so easy to mess up! I mean you spend so much time on mixing it, rolling it out, cutting it, transferring it to the pan, baking it and then frosting it. Time is money and it's easier to go to the store and buy them. There's my rant, I feel your pain!

    1. yeah, and they aren't even that great anyways. I'm sticking with chocolate chip cookies from now on. but it does make me feel better that a chef even avoids making them! :)

  12. Oh no!! I guess everyone does that now & then. Cute pics though :)
    Looks like it was a lot of fun making them anyway...

    (over from Aloha hop)

  13. Oh no! That's too bad that they didn't turn out! Good for you for trying again! Congratulations on your baby girl as well! You have such a cute little bump.
    New follower from Weekend Social Mix Hop. Http://

  14. Sugar cookies are my favorite. And MINE always turn out. Apparently you weren't paying attention on sugar-cookie-learning-from-the-best-mom-ever day. Those cookies up there are sacrilegious. The only thing that saves you from being disowned by me is that you tried to make them for love's sake. And putting aside all the nonsense I just wrote, those are freaking hilarious!!And a tad nasty....

  15. Hello! We are your newest followers from the GFC hop. We would love a follow in return! Your post about the sugar cookies was fun, even though they didn't turn out like you were hoping. Try it again...or a different sugar cookie recipe :) We are looking forward to reading more from you!
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts



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