Monday, February 25, 2013

J + K conversations (2)

so i've been writing down little conversations jeff and i have had recently
the ones that make me giggle- or just make me happy.
it will be fun to look back on someday.
and these conversations completely encompass our relationship- i LOVE it! :)

"hey tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary!" -me
"oh yeah, thats awesome!" -jeff
"yeah, so maybe you could make me breakfast or plan a romantic getaway or..." -me
"it was just valentine's day, AND your birthday..." - jeff
"will you at least get me some sour patch kids?" -me
"yeah...if you share."-jeff
"deal." -me


"are you anxious for our baby to come?" -me
"yes! i want her to be born today! i just want to play with her!" -jeff

that just made me really happy, he rarely talks about his excitement so i guess i didn't expect it :)


*jeff was having a very rare venting {whining, semi-joking, semi-not} session*
"...and PT is hard...."
"...and i have a test coming up"
"...and my muscles aren't as big as i want them to be"
"...and i want a butterfinger"
"...and we're having a girl... and girls are weird"

hahahaha. the truth comes out! ;)


"oh your looks soft!" he muses incredulously
*he rubs my nose like an abnormal human being*
"OH YEAH...that's good. oh my gosh. I'm addicted." 


"marriage is so, almost too happy." - me
"yeah its like when you go to a free all you can eat tucanos buffet and there is so much good food you don't even know what to do with yourself!" - jeff

so cute, even if i am being compared to a buffet of food :)


"jeff, will you puh-leeeease go with me to get my blood drawn?" -me

"if you give me a reason too." - jeff {one of his favorite lines}

"because i want you to hold my hand." - me

"a real reason, honey." - jeff

*a few more pleas later, and he is on his way out the door with me*

"i hope you know. the only reason I'm doing this is because i know you will go and write on your blog about it and i want myself to sound like a good husband." - jeff

hahahahaha. for the record, he really is a super good husband -
i mean really, who wants to go wait in a doctor's office and watch a doctor drain blood out of your wife? i can't say i blame him.


"jeff, say something nice to our baby!"
*leans down to my belly and whispers:*
"something nice"

now every time my belly is in close proximity he leans down and whispers
"something nice"
hahaha :)

i love being married to him!


  1. Hahahaha "something nice". Totally something my husband would do.

  2. Hahahaha this is awesome! You guys are cute :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that's adorable. You guys are so cute.

  4. Remember how basicaly everything you post makes me want to get married right now? Yeah. Well it does :) Too bad I'm leaving on my mission in two days haha. It was so good to see you guys today! Jeff made a pretty darn awesome decision to marry you. ;)

  5. hahahahahaha. my husband sorta does something like that. if he does something i dislike he will automatically say "promise you won't put this on your blog" hahahaha reverse of jeff but still hilarious. they know us well. p.s. my family used to live in katy with the andersens.

    1. oh thats awesome- we have a connection! I'm sure you know the andersens are an awesome family then! :)

  6. Stoping by from the mingle. I love this me and my boy convos should be recorded too. Haha

  7. this is SUCH a good idea! hope you don't mind if i borrow your idea ;) this will be super good to look back on!!!

  8. Oh my goodness what a great collection of random conversations! Your husband definitely sounds like a good guy. He had me laughing out loud more than once... which now means that my dog thinks I am losing it! =)

    Thank you so much for the chuckles and for linking this up at my Oh HAPPY Day party! You made my day!

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  10. Very cute. Young love :) Best of luck with your pregnancy - very exciting time when you are starting a family!

  11. that's very sweet !!! uh, i hope i'll have a husband like him x)

  12. I love sweet text messages! I always send the ones I want to remember to my email and when I'm having a bad day, I read them again! I found your blog on Amy's link up Family Friday! Glad I did!


  13. these are too presh!!

    "say something nice to the baby."
    "something nice." hahahahaha! :)


  14. I love this! Seriously made my day. Love the idea of writing down little conversations. You guys are too cute.

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