Monday, March 4, 2013

lovely lazy morning

our week day mornings usually go a little bit like this:
jeff wakes up at 5am, i smile because i get to keep sleeping.
he goes and works his booty off at PT, and when he comes home- i wake up!
he scruffs down a couple bowls of frosted flakes as i get ready and make him lunch.
then i follow suit. except for i don't eat frosted flakes. yuck
we brush our teeth, pack our bags, and rush out the door-
and the busy day begins. 

this morning was a bit different. 
he was way sore from a gnarly work out on saturday
so he didn't go to PT.
he slept in and cuddled with me, and scratched my head.
when our alarms went off, we still didn't want to wake up.
so we didn't.
and jeff convinced me to skip class so we could enjoy the morning together.
{don't worry mom, i found a time tomorrow when i can go to the same class so I'm not really missing it}
we slept more, then he made me breakfast.
jeff stepping foot in a kitchen is a rare treat,
so i had to document it.

fun fact: he still doesn't know where i keep anything in the kitchen-
except for the fruit snacks and goodies ;)
he made some yummy eggs and orange juice.
it was simple. and cute. 

and we ate together.
then relaxed.
i observed my tummy approaching my toes.
it won't be long until they disappear altogether.

and he felt our baby kick alllll morning 
it was happy. 
then reality hit and we had to start the day, albeit 2 hours later than usual :)

sometimes it is ok to skip class just to be together.


  1. Cute pjs, girl!

  2. Adorable :) I agree, sometimes you need to play hooky with the hubs!

  3. soo very random, but i'm pretty sure i saw you at a BYU gymnastics meet like two weeks ago...? ring a bell? haha and i didn't say hi or anything because at first you just looked familiar and i couldn't place how i knew you. by the time it clicked, you disappeared and i never saw you again. maybe i'm just a creep :) haha but no, i love mornings with the husband and taking things slow...they are among the best times spent together!

    1. hmm..well i tried to go to the gymnastics thing but i never got inside. haha. however, i do work in that building so I'm there a lot- it is a possibility!

  4. ha, ha! This is cute! This remind me of my hubby that he also does not know where I kept or hide those kitchen wares and everything when he would cook something..

    Visiting from Family Fridays- hope you can stop by :)

  5. Oh how nice, of course it is ok to skip class once in a while... just as long as it does not become a habit! =) Sorry, my inner mom could not give you a completely free ride. What a great morning!

    thank you for sharing it at the Oh HAPPY Day party today!

  6. I just found your blog and you are ADORABLE! Excited to follow along

    New Follower:)

    Elise @ Hunters of Happiness

  7. Doesn't breakfast always taste better when some else makes it for you! haha Nice blog you have here! :)

    Ashley @

  8. Happy Friday!
    visit and follow from Friday blog hop.
    Would be nice if you can visit and link up my Friday blog hop.
    Have a great weekend.



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