Friday, March 15, 2013

pregnancy brain

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my whole pregnancy i have been a bit spacey.
losing my phone every other day.
leaving the house without one or all of the above:
phone, wedding ring, purse, lunch, backpack, bra.
ya know, the essentials.

but guys. it's getting worse.
to the point where it is not even a little bit funny anymore.
it's just frustrating.
grit-your-teeth, knot-in-your-stomach, hold-back-your-tears, can-i-just-die-and-hide-in-a-hole kind of frustrating.

i have always been a responsible person.
not usually late for things, pretty reliable, schedule oriented.
i have a built in calendar in my head that has always come in handy and rarely ever failed me.
well guess what, while I've been sitting and munching on candy-
my baby is sitting and munching on my brain cells.
they are her very favorite.

this week her cravings for my brain cells have been intensifying.
and everyone around me is starting to feel the effects.
first of all, i failed a test.
(someone's got to bring down the average grade for all you geniuses. 
you're (actually not) welcome)

the next day. you know that weekly assignment that i forgot to do last week?
well, after making sure to make a note about it right on my computer screen,
i still forgot to do it. again. 2nd week in a row. 
this is where the grit-your-teeth part comes in.

same day. i go to my husband's basketball game.
make him dinner and study.
then i go to his football game.
then i come home and get in bed and realize...
oh. today is thursday.
i work thursday nights.
but i didn't work tonight.
cue the insta-sweat, product of those unfortunate and sudden realizations.
i missed work. not one time that day did i ever even think of it.
this is where the knot-in-your-stomach part comes in.

next day. 
I'm at work. (oh good, i actually remembered one of my shifts). it's 10:05
i checked my phone to see a text and a missed call.
first thought: wow, I'm popular today. 
then i look and realize i told someone i would watch their baby so her husband could go to class.
at 10. I'm 4 flights of stairs and a campus away from where I'm supposed to be.
she had to bring her baby to work.
because i suck. 
and because my brain cells are gone, a thing of the past. like a distant fond memory.
this is where the:
 hold-back-your-tears (unsuccessfully, might i add), can-i-just-die-and-hide-in-a-hole part comes in

really, i should walk around with this shirt on. all day, everyday.
it would be beneficial for everyone.

i always thought pregnancy brain was a myth.
one of those things women convinced themselves  was true in order to justify their unintelligent doings.
for the sake of my dignity, self worth, etc- I'm changing my mind.

honestly. i researched it and i read that brain cell volume truly does get reduced in the third trimester.
(i am days away from the official 3rd trimester mark) 
and i would never want to disagree with something i read on the internet...

please tell me I'm not the only one...?


  1. As her mom, I can seriously vouch for her. That calendar in her brain is amazing...
    This has got to be the baby!

  2. obvy i ain't there yet bc i'm only 13 weeks but now i'm scared. looks like there is no cure or prevention plan. so once again- another sacrifice on the list for this baby that besides a heartbeat and some serious sickness- i'm not convinced is in there. crap this is gonna be rough! but on a happy note- thanks for blogging about your frustrations. i appreciate it.

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