Thursday, April 11, 2013


that is where i have been for the past 7 months. 
if you've read this blog at all, these things should look familiar and also validate my point.

it's been quite fun.
thoughts of sugar coated anything are swirling around in my head. 
a lot of the time, if i want candy- i will eat fruit instead.
what a good girl right?
i blame this all, of course, on pregnancy.

then one day, i got a free sugary drink.
this may look familiar to some of you.
i gulped it down. because the indian lady (who was rude and stabbed me with a needle) told me to.
it wasn't delicious, but wasn't horrible. 
i then got my blood drawn to test my blood sugar level.
and guess what?
FAILED that test. 
oh, weird how familiar that phrase sounds...
this means i am in the running for pregnant woman diabetes
aka gestational diabetes. such a flattering label.
so now? i get to drink this drink AGAIN.
and then wait 3 hours, getting my blood drawn every hour.
on an empty stomach.

a pregnant woman, with no food, getting her blood drawn 3 times in 3 hours?
you are basically asking for someone to drop dead right before your eyes.
am i right? i am. 

so needless to say, for this next week
I'm distancing myself from candy land. 
no more eating 10 otter pops a day
with a medley of fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
and finding excuses to go get ice cream or...a 2 lb bag of sour patch.

anyways, if you have any advice on the test of the devil- let me know!
i think I'm going to get it in like a week.
im also getting another ultra sound, doctor's orders,
because apparently my baby seems too small.
ultra sounds worry me like crazy.
i spend the whole week prior stressing about if my baby will be ok or not.
or if my due date is actually 5 months away instead of 2 or something crazy.
(let it be know, that would be impossible, remember how i got pregnant 3 weeks after i got married?)
I'm just praying all will go well with all this craziness.
bring on the glucose, bring on the shots, bring on the alien baby photo!
oh and bring on finals!
just bring it all on.

(my baby just kicked vigorously as i was typing just now. presumably in sustainment of the 'bring it on' rant.)


  1. i failed my 1 hour test a couple weeks ago and had to do the 3 hours one...not gonna lie, it was no fun and didn't make me feel very good, but thankfully, i passed with flying colors. i would definitely watch what you eat for the few days prior to the test, but don't cut out carbs completely. aim for about 150g carbs per day. you can use an app like my fitness pal to help track your calories and carbs if you want. hopefully you'll pass too! good luck!

    1. oh man i hope the same thing happens with me, i really would be shocked if i had GD. thanks for the advice! :)

  2. i was pretty surprised i passed haha because i too eat otter pops, ice cream, and candy like a champ! it's what the baby likes... :) haha good luck with your next test, i hope everything goes great.

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