Tuesday, April 2, 2013

showered with love

life has been blissful lately. we were able to spend easter with a lot of jeff's family. it was wonderful to see them and equally wonderful to get away from provo for a couple days. even if it was just an hour away. i ate so much that my stomach was on the brink of explosion. literally. being pregnant brings a whole new meaning to the word 'full'. i still don't regret eating 2 pieces of that strawberry shortcake after that huge meal. it was just that good. 

anyways, more happiness ensued. yes, it did.
my awesome sister-in-law Kim threw me a baby shower yesterday! 
i was so happy because my mother in law plus two more sisters in law were here for it too.
it was so happy to see so many friends- 
all coming from different parts of my past. 
i felt so loved, and I'm sure my little baby did too because, let me tell you, she got spoiled!
she will surely have a wardrobe far superior to her mother's.
without further ado-
let's start off with a bump date. 
30 weeks (+4 days)
looking mighty round if i do say so myself.

...so there's that.
and here's this. 
yes, jeff came for a bit before it started. he didn't wanna miss out on the treats. of course.
the decorations
{there was lots more food but i failed at taking pictures. it was yummy}

the people. (some of them)
 my mother in law is cooler than yours. that quilt she made makes me giddy!

everyone got a cloud pinned on themselves.
if you got caught saying the word 'cute' then you had to fork over your cloud to the person who caught you. needless to say, i lost my cloud in about 4 seconds.

and thanks to these people, my baby....

will represent her parents' school like a champ//will have the cutest pink dress to come home in//will be set for summer and sunshine//will be lathered to death in baby lotion. mostly because her mother is obsessed with that heavenly smell//will have a cupcake on her bum that will most likely not smell like a cupcake 9 times out of 10//will have a lady bug fettish some days//will have warm, cozy little feet.

and then some....

it was definitely a success.
thanks again KIM!!


  1. You are seriously so cute! And you look so great! I saw a baby blanket during those shower pictures that I want for myself. Yay!


    1. thanks so much! you are just the nicest. :) i know isn't that blanket soooo cute? i love it.

  2. Cutest baby shower and theme! The day is getting cloooooser :))
    Love you Kerri, so glad you got spoiled!

  3. I love that baby quilt! So beautiful, so cute! :)

  4. It's such an exciting time. Looks like you had a wonderful time and that blanket is divine!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day everything looks beautiful :) xx

  6. Darling shower! I attended many a shower in my Wymount days. Did your mom tell you we lived in 9C 549 for two years? If there was a warp in the space-time continuum, you would have been in my ward. :)



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