Wednesday, May 15, 2013


37 weeks? 
well shoot, thats full term!
so, what does a full term pregnancy feel like to me?

+ exciting. as in, my baby could technically come any day exciting.

+ hurting. all over.

+ KILLER heartburn. like, i have to sleep sitting up in a chair and it's still bad. i am so so excited for this to go away when i have my baby.

+ because of that and other pregnancy related things, sleep is hard to come by.

+ very small appetite. 

+ except, i usually get hungry once a day. ravenously hungry. it hits me like a brick wall and i start sweating and eating the first thing i can get my hands on.

+ yeah, my life is normal. its great.

+ cravings? sonic ice. thats basically all i ever want. so yeah, i go to sonic and order a cup of ice. abnormal? yes. thank goodness for happy hour!

+ overall weight gain is 15 pounds. i feel like i have gained a lot more than that.

+ nausea is back. the familiar scene of me leaning over the toilet and my husband rubbing my back has once again made its way back into my life.

+ the occasional contractions. gotta love it.

+ dr. appointments galore. about every other day, actually. ultra sounds, non-stress tests, regular obgyn appointments, name it!

+ these appointments are graciously accompanied by big fat checks. holy cow we have spent so much money lately.

+ at my appointment yesterday, i got checked for progress. i was sure i hadn't made any.
i was wrong! I'm 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. my baby's head is also VERY low. it is amazing to me that my body really knows what to do and is getting ready for this baby!

+ that being said, the doctors are not letting me go past 39 weeks and will induce me then unless i go into labor on my own. you know what that means? 2 weeks or less until i get to meet my little girl. :) 
the word excited doesn't quite cover it.

+ the reason I am getting induced? my pregnancy is considered high risk because of my baby's size. homegirl is TINY. but perfectly healthy. they still want to induce me a bit early to be on the safe side because I guess there are higher risks of still born and yucky depressing things for smaller babies who stay in too long.

+ for every feeling of discomfort and pain, the love i have for this little one is double that times nine. i know it is a miracle to be pregnant and to have a healthy baby. and i know it will be worth it and i would be happy to do it over 100 times just to become a mother for the first time again. i feel so incredibly blessed!

this was a really boring post. but i want to be able to look back and compare future pregnancies with this one. and i want to remember this time because it's hard, but so amazing.
so- for the sake of posterity!
give yourself a pat on the back if you were able to suffer through this one.


  1. It sounds like a pain :( but good luck on having the baby! I'm really excited for you :)


  2. Congratulations on being full term!! Just a short while til you meet your little girl - exciting! :)

    Lauren @

  3. I thought this was lovely post, as someone planning children soon, it's nice to get an honest review on how your feeling at this point. Good luck with baby!!!!

    My Wholesome Home

  4. So cute! Baby girl is coming so soon, can't wait for you to meet her :)

  5. I thought it was a great post :) Happy Full Term! 2cm and 70% effaced! Go girl! I'm 40 weeks and at my last check I was 1cm and 60% effaced. Hoping for some good news tomorrow at my appt.

    1. i hope you get good news today..and that you don't have many more groundhog days ;) haha very excited to see your little one! :)

  6. So exciting!! Can't wait to read the post when you introduce her to the world! :-)

  7. I loved the post!!! I feel like everyone's pregnancy is different, so it is fun/interesting to see what people go through!! Good luck delivering your baby!

  8. YAY, happy 37 weeks!! I have craved Sonic ice this whole 3rd trimester...I go and get a large cup of ice several times a week. :) You are lucky you are dilated and making good progress!! I am 40 weeks, 2 days, and not even close to being dilated...but I am being induced on Monday so it's ok :)

    1. CRAZY! so glad im not the only one..i love that ice! holy cow you must be dying! at least you know your baby is fully cooked :) I'm so excited for you! good luck on monday!! :)

  9. You are NOT 37 weeks. Well, maybe, but I hope you know how FABULOUS you look! Cute top, too :)




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