Friday, May 3, 2013

when men are in charge of planning the barbecue...

i'd like to tell you how it goes when a man is in charge of a barbecue.
first of all, they come up with the idea an hour before they want it to happen.
they plan to have it in one place.
but forget that its a popular public park and you can bet your bottom dollar that at the first glimpse of sunlight in the land of provo, every ward and their mother's ward will be barbecuing at said park.
so then we have nowhere to barbecue.
except for this little tiny grill we found in the middle of a bunch of some shady trees.
ya know, the ones that block the sun and make you feel like you are kinda in a forest. 
i guess thats fine.
but then they forget a lighter.
so we wait.
and wait.
until someone shows up with a lighter.
now they can start shaping the patties.
but not before we wait 25 long grueling minutes for the grill to heat up.
i groan audibly.
can you tell this pregnant woman was a little anxious to eat?

the men have enough sense to give me the first burger. 
good decision, there.
i bring my own cheese in a bag because i feared that men would not remember to bring cheese. 
and i was right.
then 20 minutes later everyone is laughing, eating, and having a grand time.
my husband is enthusiastically telling stories that he most likely is exaggerating, 
because that is what he does. and i love it :)
i am playing with my cute niece and nephew, watching them get watermelon juice allll over their clothes. because that is what barbecues are for. 
and then i realized that it is ok if it was not perfectly executed, it was great.
and that next time, i'll sit back and laugh as i watch men trying to plan a barbecue.


  1. You and Jeff are adorable. I seriously can't even handle it!

  2. Definitely. I'll learn from this one. Haha. And that picture? You guys are SO cute. You look amazing. I hope you know that!!

  3. Oh I wish I could have been at said barbeque. Looks like a fun event, no matter what happened. Next time--plan away Kerri! Hope you enjoyed your Mom there too.

  4. This was so funny, and so real! I love it! You made me crave a good barbecue...I'll have to put that in our plans this weekend. :) Hope you're feeling as good as you're looking!



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