Monday, April 29, 2013

i am broken, but happy!

so jeff and i woke up from an almost 3 hour nap the other day.
10 minutes later, i said
"this is ridiculous, but i just got super tired again"
"yeah right there is no way." - j
"no I'm serious, a wave of tired-ness just hit me..again" -me
"you're broken."- j (without skipping a beat)

so besides the fact that i am apparently a broken person, life has been pretty darn good lately.
here are a few things that have made me happy...
reading this book. read it in like 2 days....
carving our initials into trees on a hike. check that off the bucket list.
red tulips make me giddy. extremely so. jeff stopped at this specific gas station just because he saw the red tulips and knew they would make me least, that's what I'm telling myself ;)
takin' a break by the stream during our hike date. love my man!
 we totally kissed after i took this picture. just in case you were wondering.
and lookey here! my baby will have a place to sleep. 
quite the upgrade from a slimy dark womb if you ask me. 

oh and guess freaking what...i finally got an instagram!
well i've had one for awhile, but never posted pictures.
just basically stalked/liked other peoples' yeah. that happened.
but now?
im jumping on the bandwagon, following the crowd, ya know- all that good-worldy stuff.
you can follow me here, if you so desire.


  1. seriously love stephanie nielson's book, helps me to realize that people out there have bigger toubles than my little ones. instagram is AWESOME.

  2. Yay for a nursery! That is awesome. Great pictures by the way!



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