Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer! + Bump Date (34 weeks)

OK it is officially summer. 
finals week was pretty rough, but it is OVER.
and the only thing i have to think about for the next 4 months is baby, baby, baby!
and that's fine by me :)

so check out the bump!
34 weeks!

people still tell me i am SMALL.
I'm like..."then why can't i breathe? or bend over? or walk like a normal human being?"
do not feel small one little bit. 
but that is ok, because being pregnant is the best reason for being huge that i can think of.
her movements and kicks have become very intense.
they are starting to wake me up at night and really hurt.

+ this 4+ pound baby is starting to definitely take a toll on the bones down yonder.
and on my sleeping.
but thankfully my sweet husband will rub my tummy or scratch my back at night time to help me fall asleep. that's basically the only way i can fall asleep now. 
i love him.

+ there is some good news in the neighborhood. remember when i failed my glucose test?
well, i passed the horrendous 3 hour one.
no gestational diabetes for me. 
but i do need to cut down on the sugar.
except for when i finally finish my finals and then go buy a celebratory slurpee and candy of choice at 7-11 with my husband. i feel that is completely justifiable. 

+ more good news- my baby is way small (11th percentile!)
but she is perfectly healthy. 
the doctor's explanation was that i just make small babies.
and thats fine. i hear that is preferable when giving birth ;)
maybe i can just sneeze her out?
this also means i will probably get induced about a week early.
no complaints about that one, but we will see what happens.

+ this is a very(!) exciting time in our lives. 
it is so crunch time!
it is like the excitement you feel on christmas eve- but ya know, it lasts about 6 weeks.
pregnancy is so bittersweet, but whenever i think of holding that sweet baby of MINE,
all that bitter is entirely trumped by the sweet.

+ i have done a lot of baby shopping the past few weeks.
my bank account has noticed,  yes.
but there have been so many people who have been so generous and kind with gifts.
(bailey and grandma took me shopping last weekend and baby girl got s-p-o-i-l-e-d! thanks again!)
i am so overwhelmed by the love people have shown us and our baby.
it makes me so happy that other people love her already, just like i do!
for anyone interested, here are a few big items i've gotten for my baby...
(i know I'm weird and i like to see what people buy for their babies)
crib // jogger // carseat // diaper bag // bottles // baby carrier //

let me know if you have any favorite baby items :)

also, jeff set up the crib the other day :)
he really didn't want to, but he did it because he loves me and knew i was anxious. 
did i ever mention i really love him?


  1. Exciting about your crib! Is this all so weird to you? Also, I think you look small and that's such a great compliment! Can't wait.

    1. it is SO WEIRD AND CRAZY! i can't even explain it in words. thanks! haha you are awesome :)

  2. My hubby and I are talking about expanding (sooner rather than later) our family. I've been a thriftaholic for baby stuff....who needs new (well besides like a car seat) when you can find barely used stuff for at least half as much!

    I love the idea of baby carriers, so far I've gotten 2 slings for free and 2 regular carriers for under $10.

    1. im a thriftaholic too! a couple of those things up there other people bought for me. I decided i wanted a good stroller, crib, and carseat but everything else i love finding good deals on! :) good luck on the maybe future baby in your tummy :) it's so fun!

  3. People tell me I'm small all the time, at first I thought something was wrong with me...but then I just started saying thank you because at least I'm not as ginormous as I feel.

    PS--you inspired me to make an "All About Baby Gear" post because I'm with you--I like seeing what everyone else has ha. I'll start posting it next week.

    1. oh yay! I'm excited to see your baby gear post! :)

  4. haha i get the same thing.. people telling me i'm so small but i feel HUGE!! also, we put our carseat and stroller in my car the other night.. you know, just in case! haha truth be told we wanted to see it and have absolutely nowhere to store it so in the car was our best option. i'm excited to see your bebe girl! so fun :)

    1. i think people just have a warped vision of how a pregnant woman should look at certain points. haha. thats so fun- and I'm excited for YOUR baby boy :) happy times!

  5. So excited about it being summer and congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! Its great seeing an outgrowth of people documenting their full pregnancy to look back on can't wait to do that in the future! Lovely blog

    Be sure to check out my blog with snippets of everything pretty, and sparkles of everything weddings and design!

    All in a Soiree

  6. You are small bc your arms, legs, limbs do not look pregnant! All belly! Congrats! I'm blowing up all over but trying to keep my self esteem up bc it should fall off- so the history of my genes say



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