Wednesday, June 26, 2013

uhh...i don't even know

1. trying to predict when jane will spit up all over both of us is about as easy as predicting the weather in colorado (or utah)

2. baby's sleep schedule = my sleep schedule.

3. people are nicer to you wherever you go as long as you are carrying a carseat with an adorable little baby inside.

4. having a newborn + having an absentee husband is a recipe for legs that are never shaved. sad but true.

5. when you have a rockstar baby, you don't need to worry about a 9 hour road trip with her because said baby will sleep the whole time except for to eat a few times and you will want to make her an award of some kind.

those are a few things i've learned in then past 3 weeks. yeah 3 weeks. wow, that flew by! if only the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy went by that quickly.
i've been in colorado for the past week. it has been nice except for the fact that my little sister feels some sort of entitlement to hold my baby for 6+ hours a day. well she is at girls camp this week and i don't have to share and you know what? it's great. you see, i also feel a sense of entitlement- only i have actual validation. just about as much validation that can exist. i only let her grow in my body for 9 months and suffered the not so desirable consequences. also i take care of her in the middle of the night. and all the other times too. somehow, holding her still never gets old. except for when I'm starving and i want to cry with joy when my mom gets home from work so she can hold her for 5 minutes while i stuff my face.

well. i really had nothing of significance to write or say. i don't know why i even bothered publishing this. ever since jane was born i have this anxiety about savoring every moment, preserving these memories- by taking videos, pictures, and writing about her and my motherhood experience. i don't want to forget any of this. however, i can't think of anything to write that i would care about remembering 18 years from now when I'm an emotional wreck that my baby is grown up. she still sleeps and eats a lot. she still melts my heart and she still won't sleep in a crib. however she is a good sleeper. the past 2 days she slept for 6 hours straight (in her swing). so that's cool. and basically that's all i've got.

being a mom is good. i like it, a lot. jane is the best little wrinkly person that ever existed. the end.

also i forgot my good camera charger so for the next 6 weeks, iPhone pictures will have to do.

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  1. Hi Kerri!

    Thanks for sharing those cute baby girl pictures--she is ADORABLE!

    I love your blog and hope you don't mind me introducing you and your cute blog to my readers :)



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