Friday, June 21, 2013

my husband is gone

he's gone for 7 weeks.
for military training.
i haven't mentioned this at all, on here at least.
because i didn't want to think about it.
or else i would cry a lot.
kinda like i did this morning at the airport watching him walk away.
the other half of my heart just walking away for 7 agonizingly long weeks.
it was not a happy feeling.
i really don't recommend it.

im so grateful i have a precious little piece of him still.
in the form of a sweet baby girl.
heavenly father knew i needed her right when i had her.
because she will be the one who gets me through this summer.
we will miss that man. our man.

and I'm stressed because i really don't know who will swaddle her now because jeff is so much better at it than i am.


  1. I'm sorry Kerri. Hope those 7 weeks fly by. I'm sure you swaddle her wonderfully!

  2. At least you'll have your mama.

  3. So I don't know exactly how this feels because I don't have a sweet baby like you do, but back before my husband and I were married he was gone...for 2 years... on a mission. :) I know it's cheesy and all that, but I waited for him, and it was hard to have my best friend gone for that long. Here's what I learned: the first 3 days are the longest, and then the first 3 weeks seem like they take forever, but after that time flies. :)

    Keep yourself busy with your cute baby and this beautiful weather (that hopefully we'll keep having here in Provo) and good luck!

    1. thanks lindsay! i actually thought about that when i posted least i don't have to wait for 2 years like the girls who have missionaries! i think that is awesome you waited for your husband :) and hopefully my baby will keep me busy and it will actually fly by.

  4. Oh how I know how you feel! My advice: set a goal to keep yourself busy. I always set a weight loss goal and it worked really well for me. Not that you need to do that specifically, but just an idea. Good luck!!!

    1. thats what i have done already! set a weightless goal...mostly i just want to look how i did when we got married. eat healthier and exercise lots. having a baby will help pass the time too. yeah and at least i haven't had to be apart from jeff as long as you have with andrew...that will happen later on though.

  5. Don't be too stressed, Kerri! My sweet love is stationed in Arizona while I work in Boston, and the military will always, always, always be that extra "person" in your relationship. I have a true testimony though that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, and Heavenly Father will never give you more than you can bear. Remember this for deployments, training...all of it: the first week will always be the worst. Lean on your family and friends for support. DO let yourself cry and be sad, but also DO get up, face the day with your sweet little girl and be the brave, strong and wonderful woman that your husband knows and loves :) xo

    1. thanks for the advice and kind words. you put it well when you said the military will be the extra person in a relationship- so true. haha. i also agree absence makes the heart grow A LOT fonder. thanks so much for your encouraging comment! i hope the separation from your husband also goes by quickly!

  6. It's tough, I agree. My Hubby has been gone 3 weeks into his 4-5 month deployment and it's still killing me. It does get easier though. This is his second deployment and I remember it did get easier. Just remember if nothing else, God will support you and knows how you feel without having to say it. Take advantage of family and friends.

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