Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 months...

my baby girl is 3 months old today. i have a separate journal i keep where i write all sorts of things down about her. more than anyone would ever want to know, probably. so I'm not going to bore anyone with stats that only a mother and maybe a grandmother would care about. but i will show you how much she has changed so you may understand me better when i announce like every mother ever has and say: they grow so fast! they really do. it's weird. it's like, they are a newborn for about 2 days and....the end.

 i will tell you this. at 2 months, she doubled her birth weight. that girl can EAT.

oh, and her head is disproportionately small. anyways...

happy 3 month birthday janey girl. i love you so much
as i let you cry yourself to sleep and try not to cry right along with you....

sooooo...is letting your baby cry herself to sleep supposed to be the worst kind of torture?!
UGH...any words of advice in that area would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I don't remember exactly when we started letting Halli cry herself to sleep but I will tell you it's totally worth it! They learn how to get themselves to sleep which equals out to them being able to sleep all night! I think it was around 6 months when she dropped a night time feed. But It is torture so don't listen to it! Put in headphones and do your own thing. In no time you'll be putting Jane down without a peep!

  2. We couldn't do completely letting them cry it out! Way too hard! We would let Abbi cry for 5 minutes, go in and comfort her, leave, then let her cry for 10 minutes, go in and comfort her and so on increasing in increments of 5. After a few nights she totally caught on! She was older than Jane though... But maybe it's worth a shot? Good luck! She's a cutie!!!

  3. SO cute!! I love catching up on your blog. Your family is adorable! I had a question about the post when you went to Arizona - why do Mormon people go on 2-year missions? I think it seems like a really great thing and I've heard a lot of people get a lot from it, but I've never really understood why they do that (how it fits in to your faith, etc.) If you would be willing to share it with me, I would really appreciate it. I have a few questions about Mormonism, but none of my close friends are Mormon so they can't answer my questions. :-/ Anyway, if you don't have time no problem (I can tell you're super busy, lol), but if you have a chance you could respond here or e-mail me at christine.webb521@gmail.com. Thanks! Good luck this semester!

  4. Crying it out is so sad! I hate it, I tried it once with Garrett and bawled with him, then he puked all over the bed he was crying so hard. never did it again. Ever. Baby 7 now and you know what, happily other less torturous methods have worked just fine. haha :) They often take longer but oh so worth it for this momma. I use approaches like ashley Wright said. I have a bundle of different things I've done between all 7 kids, just varies with each kids personality. Call me, we can chat if you want to know any of them. Love ya

  5. So precious! Congratulations on the 3 month mark! Letting them cry seems like torture... I am not excited for that when I become a mom.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose



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