Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the first week of school. WITH A BABY.

well hello.
i have finished a whole week of being a full-time student + mom + wife (but not in that order).  and even though i have gotten pooped on seconds before walking out the door for class, been late to almost every class, and ran around campus like a chicken with its head cut off- i survived!

no, really- it actually was great. i think i was being extremely melodramatic as i anticipated starting classes. sure, it will get more hectic with homework and tests but i think it will be just fine. and i have resolved to be happy. it's actually quite easy to do when i have these two people to love and fill my heart up with. my heart, while we are on the subject, is much more expansive than i imagined it could be. i have my husband and baby to thank for that discovery.

on an unrelated note, i did do one thing this week that will make my life so much more manageable.
less dishes. more happiness. 
best $2 i ever spent.
i want to slap myself for not doing this the second i learned that my apt is dishwasher-less.

anyways, moving on. we've done some fun things lately that i was able to document (jeff rolls his eyes each time before a picture is taken- you would never know because I'm really good at forcing smiles).  we love going places with kim (my sister in law) and her family. she has 2 adorable children sam and eliza who always make things interesting and fun and hilarious.

seven peaks is the best thing ever. we got the pass of all passes so we can go a ton next summer too when jane is old enough to, well, at least blow bubbles in the water or something. 
^^ kim is such a good mom ^^ 


On saturday we went to the provo farmers market. i loved it.
 WAFFLE LOVE. really delicious but dang it made me feel sick afterward. maybe because i devoured it in about 3 seconds. also it cost $6? i bought it thinking it would cost $1.50....i just love misleading advertisements.
the best burrito i have ever tasted from Sweet Burrito. i seriously want to figure out a copy-cat recipe.
and one thing i learned is that taking pictures of jeff as he eats is where he draws the line....
too bad honey. you are cute when you eat :)

and today we went to an orchard to pick raspberries. it was so lovely. the orchard was owned by this sweet old couple. everyone who met them wished they were their grandparents. meeting them brightened my whole day.

 raspberries for daysssssss. literally.
 "this is the best thing i've done in my whole life!" - sam

 ^^ those last 3 photos make me giddy. THAT'S MY FAMILY! :) ^^

also my nephew sam has a weird obsession with cemeteries. i pointed one out to him and he kept asking for me to tell him more about it. HA. 
"do they bury them on their head?"
"do you see their feet sticking up out of the ground?"
"tell me more about it!"
"cool...tell me more!"

he could easily talk about cemeteries all day.

and just so i do not end this post talking about cemeteries, here are a few pictures of jane that will KILL you with cuteness. mostly they are for my mom because i asked her to edit one of my papers for school and she says she won't give it back until i send her more pictures of jane. HERE YOU GO, MOTHER. that should hold you over for at least... a day


  1. You're a superhero. :) I think moms that have babies and manage school at the same time are pretty amazing. Way to go!

  2. waffle love makes me sick too! Not only because it's $14+ bucks for two people but they put little sugar pellets in them! I don't know if you noticed little crunchies in the waffle but if you did..pure sugar!

    1. oh yuck. i will not be going there ever again! haha

  3. UM the cuteness level...through. the. roof. Jane is so adorable!! Good luck with the continued school/wife/mom life and keeping a good attitude.

    My Wholesome Home

  4. I feel so lucky that we get to live so close to you guys! Seriously. It's the best. So proud of you for handling being a Mom AND a student AND a good wife so well!

  5. I am obsessed with your baby... I just want to kiss her cheeks until they don't exist anymore. Is that ok?? ;) She makes me SO excited for ours to come... keep on posting pictures for me and your mom I guess hehe ;)
    PS- I love the way your husband looks at your little girl- pure love!!! It melted my heart!

    1. haha hilarious...yes thats ok! im obsessed too! you really should be excited- it is the best thing ever...EVER! and just wait til you see your husband look at your baby lovingly...best thing in the world. your heart will melt into a puddle on a daily basis :)

  6. Cute blog! Just found ya through a friend! :)



  7. YOU ARE MY HERO FOR GOING TO SCHOOL AND BEING A MOM! I could barely even go to school and be pregnant! You have the cutest family. And by the way, I think we would be friends too! ;) Oh, and that waffle looks really really good!

    1. i don't know how your pregnancy was with Jax...but mine was pretty awful. so i've actually decided that it is EASIER to have a baby and be in school than it was to be pregnant. I have enough energy to do everything i need to do now...
      So...you're a hero too. haha being pregnant and doing anything else is stinkin' hard!

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