Wednesday, September 18, 2013

driving into ditches is one of my hobbies.

the other day i had to rush out the door to drop jane off at my friend hannah's so i could go to class. (luckily i only have to do this for 2 hours a week. all the other hours jeff is with her) I verbally abused myself under my breath as i once again was learning the hard way that in order to be on time, i need to put in consideration that i have a baby to pack up and get ready too. not just myself. and i also need to remember to add an extra 5 minutes because jane usually has an explosion from one or both ends RIGHT before we head out the door. so that happened. one day i'll get it down i swear.

in all the rush and confusion, i forgot my phone which was awesome because, well-i had no idea where hannah lived. so once i had driven a good 2 miles i realized that there was no way i was going to magically stumble upon her apartment. i also wondered how in the heck ANYONE EVER LIVED WITHOUT CELL PHONES!! like, what did they do at air ports when your plane landed? how did they coordinate ANYTHING? I'm fairly certain that everyone must've been lost and confused 90% of the time.

anyways. i decided to flip a U-turn on the worst road ever to flip a U-turn on (turns out). there was this big huge ditch...also let me just complain about the fact that this was a super abnormal ditch. the kind of ditch that has no business existing. anyways.....i flipped a U-turn and saw this ditch and thought to myself "man it would really stink to get my car stuck in that"
.....and, well...
this is what happened. I'm even kind enough to illustrate and grace you all with my astounding artistic ability.

so there i was. stuck in a ditch. like, really stuck. the car wouldn't budge. luckily my friend nina was with me. after sitting there dumbfounded for quite some time, up walks this nice strong man. he is trying to help us but isn't succeeding. all of a sudden...there was like 10 guys. they all started coming out of nowhere. they must've all been staring out their windows just waiting for a pretty girl to get stuck in a ditch so they could come out and help. and the pretty girl i am referring to is my friend nina. she was with me and she was the one outside of the car. i was just sitting in the car all like "der derrrrr i don't know what to do."
i felt like i was in a musical where people keep popping out of places you didn't even know existed and joining in on the song. the only difference is that they weren't singing. but really it was weird. also awesome because they eventually all put their muscles together and lifted my car out of the ditch.  i said thank you (a lot of times), gave them each a cookie (i just happened to have a fresh batch in my car. no joke), and then i drove away, pretending to be a normal person who hadn't actually just drove straight into a ditch.

needless to say, i was late to class.

anyways, here are 2 pictures that i took right before we went to go watch jeff's ultimate frisbee intramural game. they have nothing to do with driving into a ditch. they mostly just makes me happy.
I'm obsessed with this hat my sister in law made. (thanks again cami!!) she also sells them on etsy. you can buy some here


  1. I love this story.... U our writing is hilarious haha!! It makes me want to meet you in real life my cyber friend!!
    Also i am glad you are ok, and that you didn't flip over or something....

  2. That HAT. I'm dying of cuteness overload.

  3. Love this post haha Miss your hilarious sense of humor -Claire



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