Saturday, September 21, 2013


i live in on-campus student married housing at byu.
isn't that a mouthful?
thousands of students live in these apartments, and they had an opening social a week ago.
this place was hoppin' i tell ya.

really though, it was sweet. it almost made living in 100 year old apartments without a dishwasher with cinder block walls, and confetti carpet worth it.
(really its just funny to fake-complain about, but in all honesty i actually love it)

and if you think that partying hard consists of homemade trains, cotton candy, sno cones, hot dogs, hundreds of new mommies strutting with their strollers, and makeshift obstacle courses- then shoot, we party real hard.

sam loved the little train ride, but i think he liked the cotton candy more. 

catching some rays AND some Z's. what a multi-tasker.

this is the obstacle course team intensely checking out the competition.
as usual, jeff is in neon orange. 

 jeff telling a story with more animation than most people can ever even hope to muster. also very usual.
for anyone who has ever seen jane in real life- you know this is her classic face. haha.
she's like "what chyu talkin 'bout willis??"
(old show reference, you're welcome.)

 Jeff wasn't happy his obstacle course team lost. 

i haven't got much more to say because the pictures pretty much say it all. it was a fun morning/afternoon that i want to remember. i just love my family! aren't they cute? I'm one of those people who says "i know" when someone tells me my baby is cute. is that rude? maybe I'm a little biased... but i mean, she is! and my husband is...reallllly hot. you can't see but...he has a six pack. just sayin'. just calling it like is...but i'll keep the family brag sesh to a minimum from now on. sometimes i just can't help it.

also i never want winter to come. never, ever, ever. 
i will cry.

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