Tuesday, September 24, 2013

photoshoot fail

So jane has this really pretty dress. Kind of like a baby prom dress. She looked so pretty in it and i just had to document it. That, however, is easier said than done when you are dealing with an abnormally squirmy baby. So I'll just admit it: just like i don't decorate my house for every holiday and season, keep my house spotless 24/7, cook delicious dinners everyday, throw intricate birthday parties with handmade decorations for children too young to even understand, i ALSO cannot take good pictures of my baby. I seriously have no idea how anyone ever gets those perfect little poses from babies. I've also realized that about 90% of the pictures i take of jane have our yummy colored couches in the background. I'm learning from other practically-perfect-in-every-way mothers that you need to put a cute blanket down under your baby when taking pictures. Mental note: taken. I tried that, but it still looked bad, and the couch still managed to sneak into the background. However, I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather cuddle with and smile at my baby than worry about things like that. Bravo to those moms who can do all of those other things, I'm just not one of them and i'm ok with that.
So, without further ado: my fail of a photoshoot that i actually really love despite its imperfections. It shows how it really is trying to take a picture of my baby. And in the end, i successfully captured a real memory.
 ^^ ok yeah that one is a keeper ^^
 ^^ flashing her diaper like her life depends on it ^^

oh and did i mention that dress sheds sparkles? this was a week ago and I'm still finding sparkles EVERYWHERE. so, that's fun.


  1. Hey, you're not a real mom until you take bad pictures of your kids. And then later they'll steal your phone and take terrible photos of you when you're sleeping. It's the circle of life.

  2. Bahaha that's hilarious!!! I love it. :) good job turning a situation that could have been stressful into a beautiful memory!!!!

  3. k I just found this post... and started looking at the pictures and laughed all the way down. Too funny!

  4. Haha! I love these photos! She is so cute! :) You're a wonderful mom Kerri!

  5. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! Your little precious girl is adorable. What a blessing.

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