Sunday, September 1, 2013

flying by the seat of our pants

this week was wonderful, crazy, fun-filled...lots of good adjectives.
but mostly it was just completely spontaneous.

sunday night jeff and i sat down to plan our week.
we wanted to have A LOT of fun because it really is our last week of freedom for awhile.
(oh hey, 15 credits each + a 3 month old baby. hooray!)
so we decided it would be fun to go down to park city.
on monday morning we were getting ready to go when jeff said
"i wanna go about we go to st. george?"
my grandparents live i texted my grandma and she said to come on down.

we left an hour later.
and on the way down i was like..."lets just go to arizona, we're halfway there anyways!"
and then i proceeded to burst with excitement at the thought of doing that.
(2 of my aunts and uncles live in Gilbert)
at first jeff was skeptical, but he finally said we could go.
it was one of those times i felt so loved by him. he had a lot of other important things to do that week, but he knew i really wanted to go- so he let me know that my happiness was his first priority by saying
"heck, lets go to arizona!!"
he is a champion husband, i tell ya.
:) :) :)

so here is the condensed version of the trip.
pictures will be plentiful to enhance the story :)

we surprised everyone by showing up to their house in arizona.
never seen so many jaws drop in my life.
i was thinking wow! who knew these people would be so honored to be breathing the same air as i am?
it does something for your self esteem ya know?

my cousin and best friend had a special friend come home from a 2 year mission in paraguay.
and by special friend i mean they have a wedding date set for about 2 months from now.
(he just needs to put a ring on it)
nicolas sparks is starting a new novel based on those two as we speak, I'm sure.
there were a lot of smiles to be had. a few tears too.


by the way, his name is daniel.
but i call him Shman.

she let him put the last sticker on her 730 day count down calendar.
that's enough time to have 2 and a half babies.

well besides that happy reunion,
jane got lots of lovin'
i felt kind of famous being her mom because everyone was fighting over her.

peyton was a cute little mommy to her.

my aunt (her great-aunt) dawn gave her kisses 

my grandma rogers (jane's great grandma) gave her baths and she loved it. she hates it when i give them to her though...awesome.
(you can tell jane had been crying in this pic because her eyes are red and puffy)

and daniel held his first baby in 2 years.

i went shopping with dawn and my grandma and got an outfit that is so cute. i actually wished for a nanosecond that i was a fashion blogger so i could have an excuse to take pictures in it and show them to the world. not really, i just mostly wanted the world to know i bought my first pair of colored jeans for $12, and they were originally $70. BOOM. winning.

the day after daniel came home jeff and i went on a double date with bailey and daniel.
we had plans to take a lot of cute pictures together.
but this is the only one we got.
it probably couldn't be much worse than it is, but i decided to post it anyways because it was a fun date.
cheers to a good memory that will forever be captured in a horrific photo!

oh and jeff got to golf 4 days in a row (twice with my uncle richie) so he was a happy, happy boy.
this arizona trip ended up being  win-win-win-win situation. everyone won.

well, it was a whirlwind of a week. but- a happy one, and now that we are home my heart feels torn.
my heart is always sad to leave family. and i usually cry a little.
but at the same time, being in our very humble cinder-block apartment with my husband and baby will never stop making me feel giddy inside. and so very happy to be alive.

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