Thursday, December 5, 2013


6 months old. my baby. i'll just stop now before i ramble on annoyingly about how fast the time is going. so here are some pictures.
you will observe that she is quite fond of her fingers, and sucking on them. she cuddles way more now, she will whine and cry pathetically as she stares up at me. so i pick her up and cradle her and she just stares into my eyes. it's so nice. she eats pureed carrots, squash, bananas, and rice cereal. they do fun things to her digestive system...and her diaper (every morning) she is so tiny. she still fits into pretty much all of her 0-3 months clothes. but there is a whole lotta personality bottled up in that little body of hers. i love it. i'm about to give up entirely on putting headbands on her. i put them on every morning and they stay on for about half an hour. (exhibit A in pictures above, she prefers to chew on them) jeff and jane are both so happy that i've stopped putting them on again every 10 minutes after she rips them off. there are those rare days where they stay on all day long...but, let me re-emphasize: rare

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  1. Crazy that her and Emma are the same age here!! She is so little!! And definitely has more hair than Emma. #jealous



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