Friday, December 27, 2013


we did indeed have a merry christmas. a merry little christmas due to the fact that our very little baby was a part of it. the little baby that is in the .3 percentile for weight. it was so fun to spend our first christmas with a baby. last christmas, i was leaning over the toilet bowl just dreaming of how wonderful the next christmas would be- when i would actually have something to show for my 9 months of extreme laziness and sickly-ness. so it was amazing, to say the least, to finally be living the dream. of course jane didn't know what was going on. she was more interested in playing with the wrapping paper than the actual presents (as i suspected); but she still made it so much more fun. i had a little too much fun dressing her in christmas jammies (thanks dad!) and a christmas dress (thanks mom!). she was one festive little baby. and a beautiful one too, i think you'll agree.
(her life is so rough)
(swooning over my baby's beauty, over here)

so anyways, jeff and i really spoiled each other for christmas. we didn't get each other anything last christmas. so we kind of went all out this year. i made every effort to surprise jeff with awesome gifts and he did everything in his power to find out what i was getting him. it doesn't make it any easier when amazon sends an e-mail to HIS e-mail telling him exactly what i bought him. (i eventually got smart and sat on his email page, refreshing, until the email came and promptly deleted it.) 

i think i ended up surprising him on at least a few gifts. but holy cow it was not easy. 

 my mom got us these shirts. hilarious.

my brother Will- such a stud.

We had a wonderful Christmas!
Christmas is so happy. That tangible Christmas spirit can warm the coldest of souls, I'm convinced.
It's the spirit of Christ.
This spirit is always available to us, and I just think that it is awesome that during this time of year everyone is more willing to let it into their lives. But it would be even more awesome if we were always as willing to let His spirit into our lives.



  1. Ummmm.... so these are the cutest pictures EVER. The one where Jane is all cranky in her dress?? I literally "lol"ed. For real. Your family is totally adorable. Please have more children. Ha ha.

    1. you are so sweet! thank you! and i definitely will be having more children- fairly soon hopefully!



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