Monday, December 16, 2013


ok I'm taking a quick finals study break right now to post pics of jane because i've been getting some complaints for not doing so for the past week. (some people are just so high maintenance {mom}). I'm studying for a test right now and i feel like i know everything and I'm ready to take the final. like seriously. i read over the material and I'm like "i could recite this stuff in my sleep!" but this happens to me all the time and i go take the test and get a mediocre grade. so its kinda a lose lose. if i go take the final right now i'll probably do bad. but if i sit here and stare at my study guide for another hour and learn things over again that I've already learned, i'll still probably do bad on the final. so i should probably just go take it right now, right? right. ok but i will post some picture first.

some things
- jane sucks on her two fingers like her life depends on it.
- she is really cute.
- jeff calls her "Jane-bum" more than any other name. how unfortunate. thats not the nickname i had in mind when we named her.
- she is in her carseat in half of these pictures. partly because we are always on the go, partly because we experienced 2 24- hour road trips a couple weeks ago and i had nothing better to do than snap pictures. oh and mostly because thats the only time she will sit still for a picture- when she is strapped in her carseat.
- i will assure you i hold her and play with her a lot. just ask little miss high maintenance.
- i accidentally called her "cute heart" the other day. i was saying sweetheart and cute girl simultaneously. but i mean, i guess it works.
- she just woke up from her nap and is crying so- peace out.

 (in this picture she is sucking on one finger as opposed to the usual two fingers, the results were a little worrisome.)
 she was kissing her reflection. she like, really likes herself.

jeff and i are so incredibly smitten. (with each other, yes- but also with this fun little girl)
-- example: after we finally get her to bed for the night, we almost always go to our phones and look at pictures of her, and then go stare at her while she sleeps. thats always fun and sweet until i try to shine the light from my iPhone on her face so we can see her better and i end up dropping the phone on her arm and waking her up. good times.

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  1. Your baby is seriously THE CUTEST. She makes me want to have kids. :-)



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