Wednesday, January 8, 2014

i am the mother to a 7 month old monkey

but seriously. if you were a blind person and you spent a day with us, you would be quite certain that a pet monkey is residing in our apartment.
jane is a straight up monkey child. the sounds she makes. they are scarily similar to what you would hear at your local zoo. that crazy little girl. she screams like a monkey all the time, for every occasion.
if she is happy? she monkey screams
if she is super excited? she monkey screams.
if she is annoyed? she really monkey screams
if she is angry? she monkey screams?
if we are not giving her enough attention? she monkey screams

ie in church on sunday jeff brings her to me and says she is "so happy" but she just won't stop screaming. oh jane, always making sure that everyone  is keenly aware of her presence.

here is a sample of what i hear....a lot. sorry the video is weird and flipped. ha

little miss monkey is quite high maintenance. we sometimes want to call her a female tarzan.
which makes sense because, uh- Tarzan's girlfriend (aka female tarzan) is Jane.
I think we picked a very fitting name for our girl.

anyways I'm writing this post for 2 reasons
1. to tell you of my child's monkey ways.
2. to proudly proclaim that my daughter has been in this world for 7 (wonderful) months.

7 months sounds SO old but i promise you i just gave birth yesterday. but really, this past month has probably been the most fun month of being a parent. she is becoming a little person with quite the personality. she is curious about everything, and is learning so many new things. she can finally sit up and is learning to scoot. it's super cute. jane is just cute. i think my favorite thing about being her mom is when i go to get her out of her crib in the morning. she smiles so big and happy squeals and kicks her legs up and down (quite vigorously- this girl has got to have some serious abs!). then i pick her up and she continues to have a happy spasm. oh my gosh it is the best thing ever. she loves me.

...but sometimes she loves me too much. like when she can't sleep for 2 hours straight in the night without me coming in to hold her or feed her. yeah, thats fun- waking up every 2 hours. she was a better sleeper when she was 2 months old. what thee heck. i kind of like waking up with her once or twice in the night because i love hearing her gulp my milk and watching her sweet, sleepy face; but any more than that is when it becomes excessive and groan-worthy.

so here are some of my favorite jane pictures as of late. she kind of lives in her new pink winter suit thing because its the only thing warm enough for this freezing weather. but she looks so dang cute in it so its ok :)
jane's first new years eve :)

 this is what she does when i walk behind her and she needs to be able to still see me. hahaha

 her new favorite toy
this was jane's christmas present to me. cuddling on my chest for 2 whole hours. i was in heaven.

i love you janie girl :)
here is another video that will make your day...

oh and on a completely unrelated note: for anyone who goes to BYU- has anybody else noticed that the basement of the JFSB smells like a severe and chronic case of BODY ODOR? gag me.


  1. She is such a gorgeous baby. And look at you! You look SO GOOD!

  2. Haha my husband was in the other room and said, "Mollie! What is that??" and i told him it was a monkey baby haha
    (this is Mollie not Joel btw. I couldn't figure out how to change it!)

  3. I want a pink snowsuit to match Jane's. ;-)

    1. i think everybody in this world does! it is so soft and cozy! haha

  4. So adorable! My roommates and I had a great laugh over these videos. Also, I still want to babysit that monkey baby.

    1. for real i will take you up on that this semester. i mean now that you see what you are getting yourself into :) haha.

  5. Kerri, Jane is SO adorable! I was a little skeptical about those monkey sounds...until I watched the video! Oh my goodness! SO CUTE!



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