Friday, January 17, 2014

snowsuits and teething rings.

ya know, winter time when you are married with a baby is not half bad.
i used to hate hate winter before i was married.
but i think that i was just bitter that i had nobody to cuddle with. ha.

we have been doing some fun things together lately.
those winter blues got nothin' on us!
we won't mention the fact that each outing ends promptly with a defiant meltdown...
(courtesy of jane, not jeff ;)
i feel like such a mom when things like that happen. jeff gets so embarrassed but i just kind of shrug and revel in the fact that I'm totally a mom!

i've been feeling like a mom a lot lately.
(yes i realize i am a mom, but it is still a bit exciting and surreal to me :)
there are these two little teeth popping in on jane's bottom gums.
these unwanted visitors have barged into our lives like they owned the place and caused many tantrums and tears.
im not looking forward to meeting their equally intrusive neighbors in the (probably) near future.
oh and blowouts? maybe it is a coincidence that she has ruined every outfit for the past week, but i'll go ahead and blame it on the teething as well.

the joys of motherhood. (and i actually do really mean that.) because although jane has been having a rough time, i've had a lot of opportunities to comfort her in ways only a mother can. and cuddle her, and make her laugh...and oh man that little girl lights up my life! i love that as she gets older and develops more of her personality, i really do feel like she is my friend. she is just my best little friend.

anyways, here are some pictures of our recent wintry shenanigans.
so we got to watch these world famous skiers go down this crazy mogul hill with jumps. obviously, jane didn't really get to see much of the action. HAHA. bless her little cold heart.
Park city was cold, but fun! except for the fact that i wore boots that had like a styrofoam sole (cheap as heck) and so i slipped walking up the snowy (read:icy) hill and biffed it like 10 times. it was like trying to ice skate uphill for me. i was whining like a child. and jeff was trying so hard not to laugh, sweet boy. but it was a fun thing to do together and those skiers were seriously impressive! oh and it was free and those are our favorite kind of activities :)

a couple days later, just like every other person in utah- we went to the ice castles. also I'm pretty sure we were all there at the same time as everyone in utah because that place was packed! it was so cool though. literally! (punny stuff.)
it was fun having everyone in utah stare at me when jane decided to start screaming bloody murder. no but really, jane loved it for most of the time. it was awesome! jane's favorite part was crawling through the ice tunnel with her daddy. (kinda freaked me out at first but it worked out, and aren't those pictures cute??) my favorite part was that they had Olaf the snowman there because FROZEN IS MY MOST FAVORITE MOVIE EVER AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT IMMEDIATELY!!! i actually think that my sudden appeal to all outdoor winter activities is highly influenced by my love for the movie. ha. but seriously, go see it. then learn all the songs and come belt them with me as i blast them on iTunes. (but only when jeff isn't home because that soundtrack quickly got banned so i can only listen when he's gone...)

the ice castles were sweet. we had fun going with kim and caleb and her 2 kids. sam 'stole' one of the icicles for a souvenir. it didn't last long.

after jane snapped out of her rage, she was exhausted. 
sweet little girl.

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  1. OHMYGOSH Kerri i agree with you on the whole frozen thing! That movie is so awesome! I am always singing the songs at school with my friends...:)



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