Monday, February 3, 2014

8 months and funny quotes

Jane is 8 months old today.

She is sitting like a pro and scooting around like she is in the baby scooting olympics. it is so weird. like one day she is reaching and crying for her toys that are too far away from her and the next day she just scoots on over and gets it like it's no big deal. its amazing what one day can do for ya....OH! also. she is sleeping through the night. For like 2 weeks now. there have been a couple days in there where she has woken up once- but to me that doesn't even count. This is a big deal, folks. Like the other day I slept for nine hours straight. For the first time since I was a mom and- it was the weirdest thing- the hallelujah chorus actually started blasting when I woke up and realized what had just happened.
...ha. Anyways, this month has been a good one for her. She can also take a bottle now thanks to her very diligent and persistent father. That is another downright miracle.

So to celebrate 8 months! Because, duh, there is a cyber "celebration" every month, here are my 8 favorite pictures of jane this month.

kicking her legs because she loves me so dang much. (the feeling is mutual)
playing with flour. i go to great lengths to keep this child stimulated! ha
i love watching her sleep. it's my favorite.

On a completely unrelated note, the other day I tried an experimental dinner and I didn't like it. I knew jeff was trying to be nice by eating it so I said: "Honey. You don't need to eat another bite"
His response: "It actually isn't that bad. I kinda like it."

5 minutes and 10 tiny bites later....."But like, you probably shouldn't ever make it again."

yeah he didn't quite finish his meal, but he gave it a valiant effort. haha

Here are a couple more jeff quotes as of late.


"I'm gonna go wake up Jane!"- Jeff
"No let her sleep" - me
"But she is hungry!"
"No, she would wake up if she was hungry- TRUST ME"
"No kerri, I know how it is. You are SO tired but you just can't wake up. It happens to me all the time, so I'm going to go get her."
hahaha laziness must run in the family. ;)


"THE SNOW NEEDS TO TAKE A HIKE! Why doesn't it snow in Wyoming or somewhere boring?!"
- i was deeply offended, having grown up there. hahaha


So I had done something that bugged jeff and he said:
"Kerri. I love you. But sometimes?....I....still love you. and....I love you and that's actually all I have to say"
This is him trying to muster up the courage to tell me something that I did that was annoying him but then chickening out (like a smart boy) at the last second.
Very smooth save there, honey.


  1. I love your little girl. How can you only pick 8 pictures?? ;)

    Also i love your conversations, they make me laugh pretty good. Keep em coming :)

    1. Thanks Mollie you are so great! Also I started writing down our conversations lately again because you said you loved reading them- and I'm glad you did because I love writing them down so I can always remember them! Can't wait to see (in pictures only because you live in another country- lame) YOUR baby girl :)

    2. the first picture is my favorite! she is such a cutie :) question.. does she eat the flour when you let her play with it? i'm sure brooks would LOVE to play in flour but i think he would eat it non stop. also, doesn't life improve greatly when baby sleeps through the night?

    3. you know? i TOTALLY thought jane would eat all the flour because she eats EVERYTHING but she just played with it! They don't think to eat things that they can't really grab ya know? and even if she did get a little taste of it I don't think it would be the end of the world but no- she didn't eat it, just played :)

    4. I can't wait either!! Just three more weeks!!

      Haha the other day you guys inspired me to write down our conversations... But then they weren't even close to funny so I gave up!! I mean, we think we're pretty funny.... But then as I was writing it down I realized no one would understand and by that point it didn't seem funny anymore... ;)

  2. I'm jealous she's sleeping through the night! oh and she's adorable!

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