Friday, February 7, 2014

22nd birthday

you are welcome for not titling this post as "I'm feeling twenty two-ooooooo".
cliche to the max. but i mean cliche aside, I am feeling 22. cuz i am.

all I have to say is that if my birthday was any indication of how the 22nd year of my life will go, BRING. IT. ON!

jeff left this little balloon in the car so when i opened the door it was on my seat. so cute :)
and my cousin bailey got me a food processor- i've been really wanting one! as you can tell i'm a bit excited.

jeff got me some other awesome presents. he got me the book "In Tune" by Gerald Lund, one of my favorite LDS authors. he knew I'd been wanting that book. He also got me a book which he said was "for you, but for me." it is titled How to be a Husband 101: taking out the trash is a turn on. HAHA i laughed so hard. my favorite gift was a really nice, new book of mormon with a beautiful gold inscription. you'd think he would get my name inscribed, because that's the usual. but instead he got "To My Sweetheart" inscribed. sweetest thing. EVER. i started tearing up and gave him a big hug.

"honey, that is the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me. thank you so much!"
"yerr welcome, bob"

ha. there's jeff for ya. he just had to ruin the moment. ya. my husband calls me bob sometimes, in a southern accent. it is a legitimate nickname and i hate it. he mostly uses it when i try to be romantic and sincere. oh gosh. I'm just glad he didn't get "to bob" inscribed on my scriptures.

for dinner, jeff took me to tucanos for my first time. that place is straight up heaven on earth. I had a free meal birthday coupon, thank goodness. because even though it IS worth it, it is expensive. we had so much fun, i felt like we were dating again. (isn't he DANG handsome. mmm SMA)

also i tried sushi for the first time. (DISGUST) and also, quail eggs. (CREEPED the heck OUT)

after that I had some people over for cake.
but like, the word cake doesn't really do it justice.
jeff ordered me a TO DIE FOR tres leches "cake" from an authentic mexican restaurant.
(tres leches cake with fresh strawberries in the middle and the world's yummiest frosting)
he wanted 'Happy Birthday Kerri' written on it.
but there was a slight language barrier...
 "its spelled K-E-R-R-I"
"K-E-R-R-what? I not understand"
"it is an 'I'"
"'I' or 'Y'?! iss da same!"
"OHHH ok"
when we got the cake we had realized that she ended up writing k-e-r-r-Y, but then covered it up with a frosting flower.  (no complaints here. frosting for the win!) also the "cake" tastes a million times better than it looks.
Sam helped Jeff cut the cake :)
it was so fun having everyone over! Thanks for the gifts! (which i didn't expect but am entirely grateful for) and DUH why didn't i take pictures of my friends? probably because these two little cuties were stealing the show. and i spent my whole time taking pictures of them and watching Sam do his "cosmo" (BYU mascot) break dance moves. but seriously i love those little humans. i guess i like jane a little bit too ;) ...but she was in bed.

as if the day could get any better, becca and ben gave us a gift card to a movie theatre. SO. we went to the dollar theatre and saw Ender's game while Bailey stayed in our apt. while Jane slept. we were holding hands the whole time. with frequent forehead kisses. it was a blast and it all ended with a "happy birthday my love."

the morning after my birthday i ate leftover cake for breakfast and i loved every second of it. I'm kind of an (annoying) health nut, but when it's my birthday it all goes out the window. Im a firm believer of being healthy but not ruining your life over it! sometimes a piece of cake or a cookie or 2 bags of sour gummy worms is good for the soul! so- to all those people who don't eat cake on their birthday, i feel sad for you. live your life!!

ps. it's not too late to enter my amazing birthday giveaway.

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